Inseparable Bros

2019 [KOREAN]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 533

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

A story from the heart...

I had the opportunity to sit down and watch the 2019 South Korean movie "Inseparable Bros", and needless to say that I jumped at the opportunity, as I hadn't already seen the movie.

And I must admit that the movie's synopsis definitely sounded like the movie would be worthwhile watching. And indeed, writers Hyeon Na, Lee Soo-ah and Sang-Hyo Yook did come up with a storyline that was every bit as enjoyable and entertaining as it was one that sinks right into the heart.

The movie has a pretty good ensemble of actors and actresses, but I must really point out actors Shin Ha-kyun (playing Se-Ha) and Kwang-Soo Lee (playing Dong-Goo) because they were phenomenal in this movie and put on really realistic performances that makes you care about the characters and take them to heart.

"Inseparable Bros" is sort of a make-you-feel-good movie given the storyline and its positive energy. I was more than genuinely entertained by the movie, and it is definitely a movie that is well worth taking the time and effort to sit down and watch.

My rating of this movie lands on a well-deserved six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10

i am full ...

Envy to all the people around the world who can read and understand the korean language, because the subtitles in the edition i saw was as disastrous as 9/11. there must be some creative soul that can make better efforts than this google translate version....

i still give it a nine star value, and if the cc float had been there couldve been ten'ish. its a film about the wheelchair paralysed caracter that we all know from other films, but this one has made an ingenious twist of the role as a helping hand.. the story is about a childrens home for disabled run pretty well by a drunken pastor. when he dies the turmoil starts, the government officials wants to split up and replace the habitants at different places.but the rollercoaster and his friend wants more than that, dependent on eachother like siamese twins they start to fight the descision...

its a well acted, great filmographic essay, and a story you ll be thrilled and engaged by. the music follows the story hand in hand and at some points i was so irritated by the cc's , that the score stole my attention.well done.

its a south korean effort on the quadriplegique way of life, a sad but ever so challenging and uplifting story that every south korean should see, and everybody else with some hang to sound ideas of humanethics and behaviour. ditch the cc's, youll understand the story anyway due to excellent acting. a strong 9 from the grumpy old man.recommended

Reviewed by yoggwork 7 / 10

The film be more realistic

People are shortcomings, and timely positive energy films should also be more realistic in their response to human nature. The film has made good progress in this regard. However, the individual feels that this female character is somewhat superfluous.

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