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Rachel Nichols as Sarah Clark
Laura Harring as Madeleine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deandraslater 4 / 10

Who is this for?

I get it. You want an American audience to see a great foreign film without bad dubbing or having to read subtitles. Sure, let's aim for that lowest common denominator. And they do! They aim right for the mouth breathers among us and hit a bullseye by taking out everything risky, terrifying, grisly, and intense about the original film, turning it into something that would play on Lifetime on a Sunday afternoon.

The makers of this movie try to take out everything edgy or visceral about it to make the film as palatable to a mainstream audience as possible, but this big twist is - this went straight to VOD and bypassed theaters altogether. It was released straight to horror fans who have mostly been appalled by how tame and neutered it feels in comparison to the original. You have to wonder who these people are making these remakes for.

Laura Herring and Rachel Nichols are good actresses. How did they end up in this mess? Was the script they read better?

Reviewed by prsguitar123 1 / 10

Stupid STUPID movie! (contains spoilers)

Where do I begin? I would love to slap the idiots that made this movie! How about the fact that one woman takes on two police of which sees a blood trail and never bothers to call it in? She stupidly goes downstairs and gets herself shot! ALL THE WHILE NEVER BOTHERING TO CALL THE STUPID INCIDENT IN! Real police would never act that way or be that stupid! But the idiotic writers of this show think they would. They are trained in calling in things when they just seem out of the ordinary....forget a blood trail! Then you have the call in finally from a police vehicle from a victim and it takes them forever to get there? Then you have a A PREGNANT WOMAN doing stunts that a athlete would have a hard time doing.....oh yeah and let's not forget the fact that she is PREGNANT! And after all of this.....she and her child SUPPOSEDLY SURVIVE by her giving birth IN THE RAIN on top of a pool? This movie is way beyond stupid! I would not rate this as a 1 star even....I just did that because it had no lower rating....I would give this movie a ZERO! That is how stupid and idiotic I think the writers of this movie were. I justy do not think you can get worse than this!

Reviewed by joshpichette 1 / 10

Just painful

Plenty of times logic is thrown right out the window in favor of added suspense. A woman is trapped in a bathroom by having a dresser pushed in front of the door. The door opened inward and the dresser being in the way would not affect the way the door opened (also it wasn't just blocking the handle because it could be rotated upwards if it was the case). Multiple times (at least 3 and probably more I just blocked out) the antagonist of the movie was incapacitated and the protagonist would run away instead of finishing them off. Friends as well as law enforcement seem to lose all common sense when they interact with the antagonist. The antagonist claims to be the protagonists mother when meeting a neighbor, but the real mother arrives shortly after this. When the neighbor and mother learn that the antagonist has flat out lied the mom runs into the house and the neighbor simply asks what is really going on. This gives the antagonist ample opportunity to kill the neighbor while they are alone. Later two cops arrive. After one cop interviews the antagonist (pretending they are the protagonist) he finds out that the woman was not the owner of the house because they were not pregnant. After learning there is a strange woman in this house that already had a call earlier for a strange woman on the property, he simply walks back to the house without taking his partner with him. The cop then confronts the antagonist and does not even attempt to use a weapon to stop or detain them. The cop is then promptly killed. The other cop follows after waiting what seems like a small eternity and finds their dead partner. They head toward the upstairs portion of the house and find the protagonist hiding upstairs. At this point the antagonist cuts the power to the house and the cop leaves the protagonist alone to return power to the house. Cop dies (shocker). The second cop did the first smart thing the whole movie and attempted to radio backup for a officer down. (Apparently these cops had to walk to the scene from the other side of the county because they are nowhere in the film until the ending). The protagonist does an additional call for backup stating both cops are dead and still it seems like there is no hustle to help at a scene where fellow police have died.

If you're still reading this in hopes of finding a reason that you should watch this movie I would recommend watching it for yourself just so you can add to this vast list I have already compiled.

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