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Bo Burnham as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kimbrellsarah 10 / 10

If you're an'll need to take a walk

From more of a passive appreciator of Burnham's work rather than a fan, this is a masterpiece. I had been worried about how all that 2020 was would manifest itself in creative works.. put out by media conglomerates (Netflix and its compatriots). I am so grateful that a comedian and artist like Burnham underwent the pain and agony of creating this special. It is raw, truthful, reflective and genuinely funny and emotional. The overwhelming feeling as 'Inside' concluded was gratitude.

During lockdown, I think many of us achieved a depth of emotional disparity and lack of direction that is somehow both unfathomable and universally shared. This captures that. It doesn't shy away from those emotions, it doesn't project false positivity or try to spin a lesson out of all of it. It's the first piece of pandemic media I watched where I said 'yeah, I felt that' followed by 'wow I really have not unpacked everything that that entails'. There is no spin. And that is exactly what I've needed.

I cried for a while as it was concluding and for a while after. It's so poignant because it is so unabashedly upfront in a way that is desperately lacking in the current media climate.

Absolutely anyone will find this relatable; if you're an artist or creator of any form, this hits especially close to home and I would call it a Must Watch. The monumental weight of shifting from making because you love it, to making because it's all you know how to do to process and survive, is flawlessly captured in 'Inside'. I really can't put it into words.

Thank you, Bo Burnham, for creating this genuinely authentic work. In all of its pain, humor, relatability and genuinely beautiful artistry; just..thanks.

Reviewed by cartsghammond 10 / 10

The most honest piece of comedy I've ever seen

Waiting for this special had me filled with anticipation, I don't think I've been this hyped for a comedy special before, though I had no idea what to expect at all.

What we received was the most honest, creative and depressing comedy special I've ever seen. Bo blew me away with his talent, with no crew or audience he managed to make a feature length masterpiece, filled with critiques of capitalism, (which was refreshing to see) social media and especially himself.

Bo is filled to the brim with creativity, and this special perfectly encapsulates that. The first half had me dying with laughter, the second had me close to tears. Some would say this is his best special, I might agree with that, but I'm not sure, because honestly it was a lot to take in. I will definitely be rewatching very soon.

Absolutely loved it.

Thanks Bo.

Reviewed by jackj2 10 / 10

In a show with no audience, you've never felt so present

Bo's work always causes a period of reflection. It's not that you decide to, but that he forces it out of you, and for this one it is especially true.

If you're planning on watching this special, prepare to come uncomfortably close to some very real and sublime feelings, but meanwhile in awe of how an hour-long creation by one man can bring this out of you.

I can't say much without giving anything away. This special is an incredibly real and honest expression by Bo of the way his creation evolved from start to finish. You'll feel it more than you want to. As unsettled as I've ever been, but my god is it good.

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