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Dominique Swain as Jocelyn Bennett
Peggy Lipton as Roxanne Rochet
Paulina Porizkova as Chi Chi Chemise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris-195 3 / 10

Too inside

A poorly made film made worse by the fact that so many of its jokes are so inside they will go over people's heads. Yes, I get the fashion jokes. It's not that I don't understand the setting. Instead, much of the humor feels like when someone just has to tell you about the funny thing that happened to them at work, the funny thing that is terribly unfunny once removed from the workplace.

I think Dominique Swain is generally better than the movies she gets stuck with, but even she is subpar in this film.

If you're fascinated by the fashion industry, it's worth checking out. Otherwise, stay away.

Oh, and it has Joan Rivers in it, too. Consider yourself warned.

Reviewed by =G= 3 / 10

A huge flop. Horrible.

Swain, who makes a coherent centerpiece for this cinematic travesty, is about the only good thing in the film. From over acting just plain bad acting to one-dimensional characters to bad cinematography to lousy music to awful direction, etc. this flick about the supercilious high fashion biz is a huge loser. Even the title misses the mark.

Reviewed by Raptor in Black 8 / 10

The best movie that I've ever seen by accident

I stumbled across this movie by accident one day on TV and, after finding nothing else better, decided to watch it. Although it's not the best scripted movie in the world, I still found it cute and entertaining. The random cameos from top fashion designers were funny, and I can now proudly say to all my friends that I know what Tommy Hilfiger actually looks like. I was surprised to see many recognizable supporting actors, and they might be the most entertaining part of the movie. I would definately recommend it to someone, so long as they didn't have to pay too much to rent it.

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