Into the Arms of Danger



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Dru Mouser as Amy
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Laurie Fortier as Laura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aprilsfriendorin 7 / 10

Very Good for a Lifetime Movie

Please note that my review is judging this film in the context of Lifetime movies, not movies in general (otherwise it would receive around a 3). If you enjoy cheesy Lifetime movies or are just looking for something entertaining to pass the time, this is a good choice. The premise (a young girl is kidnapped and taken to the home of an insane woman who misses her daughter) is definitely interesting. The acting isn't the best, but the plot is captivating enough and contains some pretty mature themes that makes this film stand out from other, more generic Lifetime movies.

Reviewed by scriabin17 6 / 10

Not so bad but not great!

The plot was a little far fetched but the story once you got into it tracked well and they tied up any loose ends. Better than many Lifetime movies. Cathy Moriarty was a little over the top playing to a supporting cast as Momma which were many unknowns..

Reviewed by deedrala 7 / 10

Pleasantly surprised at how good it is

Don't listen to the other reviews saying this is a bad movie. It's one of those rare GOOD Lifetime flicks. It would've been even better with someone else playing Jenny's mother, since any one of my livingroom lamps can act better and show more emotion than Laurie Fortier (if that's her name?).

The story was unique and well done - my favorite genre: psychological thriller. Cathy Moriarty was excellent, as was Sam Meader, who I'd never heard of before but he practically stole the spotlight. The younger brother played by Joey Luthman was very good also - being torn between staying miserable but loyal to his family or breaking away from them and their criminal ways.

And as with all Lifetime movies, there has to be at least one good, caring character that gets killed off, unfortunately; in this case proving yet again that no good deed goes unpunished. But I rarely cringe when it happens in most of the other movies like I did this one.

Lastly, it's very interesting/intriguing that it was "inspired by a true story" as it said in the very beginning..

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