Into the Blue


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Paul Walker as Jared
Josh Brolin as Bates
Ashley Scott as Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Suspenseful, thrilling and well-paced underwater adventure about a divers who locate a a shipwrecked treasure and drug

This is a suspenseful and engrossing movie with agreeable performances and good rendering of underwater action. It concerns about an innocent couple(Paul Waker, Jessica Alba) get involved in an underwater search for treasures in the island Bahamas. They descend deep into the big blue without the aid of any kind of breathing apparatus, though sometimes use scubas. The frogmen get excited when they accidentally discover what they believe is a vast sunken treasure. They along with a friends(Scott Cahan, Ashley Scott) find a shipwrecked galleon and a crashed plane plenty of dope . In the process they are threatened and then must to thwart the enemies. The team of divers faces danger when they attempt to retrieve goods from a pirate ship, as they spend time in shark-infested water and compete with treasure-seeker(Josh Brolin) and confront against nasty drug-lord(James Frain). The four divers set off on a perilous expedition in search of legendary treasure of pirate, resting in ocean floor and take back drug into the plane.

The pace moves along nicely and production values are on the high scale. This is an amusing seagoing adventure in which the ocean deep figure prominently , though this time guarding sunken treasure. The action is plentiful with undersea excitement with terrifying underwater sequences. The film is spirited, lively and at times rather frightening light bemusing. Made mainly as vehicle for Jessica Alba and Paul Walker, and they show particularly in the technical excellence of the underwater scenes. They show off their considerable screen presence, both attractive and slender. Lightweight entertainment notable for sunny outdoors and underwater photography as well as Jessica Alba in a bathing suit, a glamorous bikini. Jessica Alba fans will ask no more than the sight of their idol in a swimsuit although Ashley Scott come across as the more likable of the two girls involved in this fast-moving sunken treasure yarn.

Gorgeous cinematography manage to keep this afloat with fab footage maritime by cameraman Shane Hurbut and pulsating musical score by Paul Haslinger. The movie was spectacularly shot in Cayman Island and Nassau, New Providence , Island Bahamas. The motion picture is professionally directed by John Stockwell. He's a good actor with no much success(Christine, Radiactive dreams, My science project) and occasionally successful director(Turistas, Blue crush,Crazy/beautiful, Cheaters).

Reviewed by Danny Blankenship 7 / 10

Good and entertaining action drama that twists with cat and mouse games of blackmail, plus nice eye candy with Jessica!

Really not a big fan of these type of movies, yet from time to time I do watch these action drama types that involve criminals and good against bad with plot twists of mind games! And this picture "Into the Blue" has all of that.

The story is simple it involves a plane crash, and a ship or boat type that have sunk into the deep blue waters of the Bahamas, already present and living like two love birds are two straight arrow types Jared(the late Paul Walker)and Sam(Jessica Alba who's so cute and sexy!)who welcome some old friends Bryce(Scott Caan) and Amanda(Ashley Scott)who's morals are a little dirty and questionable.

Along the way a tale of cocaine and treasures unfold with divers and drug dealers involved as it's high action and rocky drama on the waves of the Bahamas! Also Jessica Alba has a damsel in distress moment as she's kidnapped and taken hostage by the bad drug dealers as she has her mom taped with duct tape. Overall it has all the elements and themes of action drama movies like adventure and bad against good and rescue and the search for better goods! Give it a watch not really a bad movie and you will enjoy like me, if your a Jessica Alba fan.

Reviewed by YaumingYMC 9 / 10

One of the top ten scuba diving and free diving movies ever made

I don't know why this film was given such a low score. Maybe the critics got confused and walked into a different theater and expected this to be a high brow or special agenda film involving an all boy romance. Obviously they were disappointed.

But not me.

I enjoyed watching this film. Its a fun film to watch and I probably saw this a couple of dozen times.

Jessica Alba and Paul Walker look outstanding in this film. Not only are they at their athletic physical best but there is also a natural chemistry between the two actors that is hard to deny. They also do give convincing performances.

The other two actors also do give credible performances.

The only issue I have with this film is that - it could have been edited better. Starting the film on the "white whale" was a bad start. Somethings once seen are hard to erase from your mind. The script could also have been tighten up and better written to portray the dilemma the characters faced.

I would honestly have given it a 8/10 but given the sad rating - it deserves another star.

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