Into the Deep



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 8 / 10

Beautiful underwater documentary

"Into the Deep" is a 34-minute documentary from over 20 years ago that takes us on a unique journey into the beautiful world of life underwater. While I would say that the film may have been a bit more informative occasionally, this is really just a minor criticisms. We get some interesting facts and the video recordings are nothing short of breathtaking. The film also ends on a high note with the statement that no matter if humans or animals, no matter if at land or underwater, we are all one and we need to be careful because if we destroy certain areas, we destroy ourselves in the long run. The animals in here aren't really fluffy or cute, so maybe this is not such a great watch for younger audiences, but they are extremely fascinating nonetheless. I highly enjoyed the watch and very much recommend it. Thumbs up for Howard Hall, Matthew Hart and this IMAX documentary. i cannot believe it did not receive any awards attention whatsoever. What ignorance. A truly atmospheric watch and I felt most of the time I was really down there deep in the water with the animals.

Reviewed by Greatornot 3 / 10

Not very Informative or Entertaining

I felt this documentary about the Living Organisms of the Ocean was sloppy and rushed. There was some good footage but nothing earth shattering. Kate Nelligan was just OK as narrator. She had no pizazz. She was monotone and basically just going through the motions. Pardon the pun. The movie was short , only 35 minutes. It was just a lackadaisical effort . Seems like any amateur could get the footage that the makers of this documentary were able to get. I also felt the music was unnecessary. I love new age music , don't get me wrong , but I would have much rather have heard more of the natural sounds coming from the ocean. I am glad they mentioned something about some of the ocean plants that strive . Some of the facts about these plants were satisfying to hear. Still I can not give this movie any kind of kudos. I was simply; Very disappointed in this effort and would certainly not recommend this to others.

Reviewed by E Canuck 9 / 10

Not dorsal fins & blood...just the little guys down below

I'm definitely at odds with the other 30 reviewers, all male, who weighted this film's rating to a 4.9 to date. It's been several years since viewing, but I recall going back twice for the 3D sense it gave me of looking in on the lives of the "little" guys underwater. No, not terrifying great white sharks...the most "terrifying" scene is of a giant sun-fish sweeping down on other, tiny starfish, and their valiant attempts to flee. I laughed with the kids in the audience and put out my hand to "touch" the waving kelp that appeared to be just in front of my neighbour's head.

Of course, if years of Hollywood blockbusters has conditioned you to want big thunder and big blood, and you really can't stomach small wonders, don't bother with's not for you. It's for kids at heart.

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