Into the Grizzly Maze


Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror / Thriller


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Billy Bob Thornton as Douglass
James Marsden as Rowan
Piper Perabo as Michelle
Thomas Jane as Beckett
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Reviewed by bernie-122 2 / 10

Billy Bob couldn't save it

I would watch anything with Billy Bob Thornton in it and never complain. Until now, that is. This is close to the dumbest movie I've ever seen. Never have I cared so little about the characters, never was I less thrilled by a "thriller".

Terrible writing, bad direction, bad acting. Billy Bob was OK, but just. What a waste. Expert shooters everywhere and not one could hit a huge bear.

I'm sorry, but this took me by surprise. I was really expecting something watchably entertaining; I didn't get it. Halfway through, I couldn't stand it any longer and started skipping forward so it could end.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 3 / 10

A bear three meter high, a dozen of professional shooters, and they all miss...

When I read the storyline I thought I would like this movie especially when I saw some positive reviews. Plus there were some good actors in the cast. So, nature shots, good actors, all the ingredients for a good movie. But what a disappointment this was. It's one of the worst nature movies I saw in a long time. I just give it three stars because of some nature shots. The storyline is just awful. The actors were just doing their job, but when you have such a bad storyline it doesn't matter if you are a good actor or not. It's not going to save the movie. The movie is full of clichés that made me almost barf. Add to that the stupid idea that the bear is going to hunt everybody down in one night is too ridiculous for words. A bear that huge that it doesn't fit in your bedroom, professional hunters, poachers, and sheriffs, a lot of shooting, and never a hit. Those must be the lousiest shooters in history. Don't believe any positive review because it's a terribly bad movie.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Lacklustre addition to an age-old sub-genre

INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE is an action horror movie with an A-list cast and B-movie feel. It's about a bunch of characters who end up in the woods with a rampaging grizzly bear hunting for them, and the entire plot consists of waiting to find out who lives and who dies as a result. The film seems to be a throwback to the exploitation pictures of old, like GRIZZLY, but it fails to entertain due to the fact that it simply isn't thrilling.

Instead this film consists of clichéd characters and situations and over-obvious direction. Familiar stars show up and spout dialogue and either hunt or are hunted by the grizzly. James Marsden and Thomas Jane have both had successful careers but seem weak and insipid here, and Billy Bob Thornton's kooky character is underutilised in what amounts to little more than an extended cameo. Scott Glen has even less to do other than hang around looking haggard. The main recommendation is that the bear attack sequences are convincing, reliant on trick photography rather than the usual CGI creations or man-in-a-suit monstrosities.

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