Invaders of the Lost Gold


Adventure / Horror / War

IMDb Rating 3.1 10 514

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Edmund Purdom as Rex Larson
Glynis Barber as Janice Jefferson
Stuart Whitman as Mark Forrest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 2 / 10

Really, REALLY poor jungle-boogie!

There's a reason why "Horror Safari" isn't as known or infamous as most of its contemporary Italian jungle adventure-movies like, say, "Cut and Run" or "Massacre at Dinosaur Valley". Despite the cheerful title and a promising sounding plot description on the back of the DVD-cover, it's a tremendously dire and stupid movie. We have a bunch of very unlikable characters searching for a shipment of gold that was left behind in the Phillipines jungle (among a cannibalistic tribe) near the end of WWII. The expedition is put together by a rich bastard and assembles the most incompetent adventurers you've ever seen. The "leader" is an American drunk who's heroic years are long over, one of the original Japanese army commanders that lost the gold in the first place, a black strongman who's far too friendly to be believable, two women that are completely useless and one mean, double-crossing sleazebag. "Horror Safari" feature the absolute weakest death scenes I've ever seen; hands down. Instead of getting torn apart by the cannibals – that have just vanished suddenly, by the way – the characters just fall off of cliffs or walk straight into the open mouths of plastic crocodiles. One poor girl, the dreadfully miscast Laura Gemser, even spontaneously drops dead during a skinny dip! Honestly, if there's anyone who can give a reasonable explanation for Gemser's character dying, please email it to me! This must be one of the worst films ever made, complete with lousy editing, uninspired use of beautiful locations and bad acting with an even worse dubbing. Even the most hardcore fan of Italian cult cinema shouldn't waste one penny on this piece of crap.

Reviewed by haildevilman 3 / 10


This won't be easy.

But I have to slag a film starring Goddess Gemser, but I've got little choice.

This ripped off war movies, jungle flicks, and the Cannibal sub-genre, an in every case, poorly. Cliché' characters, crap acting, predictable scenes, and in many cases, unfinished.

I'll pay it one compliment. Gemser is, and always will be beautiful. This got 3 stars out of me just for having her in it. Without her, I probably wouldn't have even bothered.

Despite having talent like Whitman and Strode, the acting was absolute crap. These guys, along with Purdom and Sakata (Oddjob), were obviously picking up a quick paycheck.

Miss it.

Reviewed by floyd-27 5 / 10

ho-hum adventure

Yes this started out with a promise of being a rather good adventure outing. With in the first 5 minutes a head hunting tribe against Japanese Army showdown begins resulting in a lot of gore and bloodshed.

Then it just degenerates further and further into large plot holes, bad acting and terrible editing for effects shots.

This movie was enjoyable as a novelty for the first 2/3, then became a chore there after till the convoluted and "you guessed right" ending.

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