Iron Eagle II


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 5043

Keywords:   airplane, explosion, military, cold war, pilot, atomic bomb, israel, u.s. air force, colonel, aerial combat

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Jason Gedrick as Doug Masters
Colm Feore as Yuri
Stuart Margolin as Stillmore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

what's the point anymore

Doug "Thumper" Masters and Matt "Cobra" Cooper stray into Soviet airspace. Thumper gets antsy and Soviet pilot Yuri Lebanov (Colm Feore) kills him. The incident is covered up by both governments. A nuclear weapon is being tested by a middle east nation. A secret joint Soviet-American-Israeli operation is planned to stop it. Charles "Chappy" Sinclair (Louis Gossett Jr.) is recruited out of retirement.

I don't get why Thumper is killed right off the bat. I guess that Jason Gedrick is too busy and could only fit an one day shoot. The whole idea of a team of kids fighting back as underdogs is the backbone of the original movie. The whole raison d'être of the franchise has been ejected by this sequel. None of the kids are back. This is a Chappy sequel and he's only a small part of an ensemble. It's still a low grade Top Gun. It's like watching a pig wallowing in mud. One can't expect more. This is a porker.

Reviewed by whpratt1 1 / 10

Nice Try

Enjoyed viewing Louis Gossett,Jr.,(Charles 'Chappy'Sinclair),"Window",'05, who started out in the film as a Full Bird Colonel and wound up a One Star General. Chappy received this high rank because he was drawn out of the National Guard to complete a mission with Russian forces and a crew of so called Misfits. There is plenty of comedy through out the entire picture and I really do not know if it was intended to be taken that way. Mark Humphrey, (Capt. Matt Cooper),"JAG",03 TV Series" was a pilot who simply could not take any orders from anyone and held a vengeance toward the Russian forces he had to work with. However, he got the hots for Sharon Brandon,(Valeri Zuyeniko) a Russian Pilot who was the only gal in the crew and had the face of a Russian woman, and despite that fact, they were in LOVE. If you like Lou Gossett Jr., then watch this film.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 3 / 10

"In Detroit my home town. They shoot everybody in the streets".

Let's get down to briefing. This mission would see director / writer Sidney J. Furie returning after the success that was "Iron Eagle" to provide us with the franchise's first sequel. "Iron Eagle II" would also see Charles "Chappy" Sinclair (with Louis Gossett Jr. reprising the role) getting some more screen time, but as for Doug Masters (again by Jason Gedrick) it's not so the case. It's no real biggie… as this trivial sequel was nothing more than predictably bland, unfunny and tepid follow up with little in the way of excitement. Too bad that's so, as it starts off decent enough and actually has a surprising plot device (which is later wasted in the feature) before it nose dives. The first time I tried to watch it, I fell asleep. Some cracking aircraft action sequences aside, the story was limpidly told and the performances fairly uninteresting (led by Mark Humphrey) with its odd assortment pilots / soldiers (Americans and Russians) trying to come to terms with each other so they can complete a proposed assignment. The script offers up the same-old, pushy patterns; conflict, tragedy, love, pride and payback. A team is chosen, a mismatch group destined to fail (which their generals would like to see), but they prove them wrong by training hard and working together to achieve their goal of destroying a nuclear weapon facility. This actual threat is kept rather vague with the focus more so on what's happening inside the ranks of this mission. The back-end does offer up some rough and ready action, but quite customary. Making an amusing appearance is the always dependable Maury Chaykin as one of the recruits. Textbook, but lacklustre comic action.

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