Iron Girl: Final Wars


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4 10 26

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Reviewed by Raptorclaw155 5 / 10

A Mixed Bag

I came across this on Amazon Prime Japan and became curious since I was aware of Asuka Kirara and the single she put out in promotion for this film.

I'm not at all familiar enough with Japanese tokusatsu film or television to give an adequate comparison or barometer of what one might come to expect from a film like this but if I could attempt a brief description: it's a 90 minute action drama starring a very attractive girl fighting goons and other very attractive girls in a style indicative of tokusatsu.

The quality of the acting is all over the place. The biggest issue I have with the acting is that, being so inconsistent, the acting had me wondering if this was an action film or some kind of comedy. Tonally, because of the mixed performances it's a bit scatterbrained for the first few minutes.

The storyline, I would suspect, is one that would probably be considered average or below-average for a tokusatsu action film but, as far as stories go in general it's kind of a means to an end. The story exists to motivate the characters into the next action sequence.

The reason to watch this film isn't for the story, or the performances, or the cheesy special effects, and not even for the couple shots of the two lead female actresses topless, but it's for the action scenes. The sword fights are really well choreographed and the slow-motion wirework stunts are awesome. It's the kind of action that just straddles the line of schlock but stays within the range of acceptability that makes them really cool. The only complaint I have about the fight scenes is that they could be longer but I think that's more of a compliment to the quality of the action sequences and the stunt work.

Overall, it's not bad and I'd watch it again. There are worse ways to spend 90 minutes.

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