Irrational Fear



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10

Solid indie effort with some minor issues

Heading out for a trip together, a troubled young woman and the rest of her therapy group head out to her professors' mountain retreat to continue their treatment together, but when they begin mysteriously disappearing they begin to question their experiences while trying to stay alive from the forces out to kill them.

There was a lot to like with this one. Among it's best features is the impressive nature of bringing the cliched notion of the individuals' fears coming to kill them. The concept employed here of the therapy group coming together for each of their irrational measures as a group allows for this to build some intriguing setups as the group reveals the phobias to work on. The therapy sessions of everyone coming out and admitting how they're afraid of the things they fear are quite fun as the more unconventional and irrational setups for them to overcome are what ends up allowing this part of the film to work as it does. This also brings out quite a lot with its exploitation of their fears coming to life. The opening attack on the victim suffering a breakdown while being attacked by various figures is a fantastic opening, much like the later freakout of the one victim in their car thinking the fear is coming true and crashes as a result. An ambush on another victim out in the woods by pulling them underground is exceptionally creepy and chilling, while later attacks like the encounter in a trapped garage or the bizarre lake sequence feature some enjoyable setups. With a finale that has some fine twists in the setup, a decent amount of action and some solid gore, there are some likable elements here. It does have some flaws to it. One of the films' issues is the exaggerated build-up to their arrival and settling in at the cabin, where we get far too much going on here before finally getting there. It didn't need to hammer home their characters as much as it does, while the lengthy amount of time of them hanging out before everything starts going wrong gets a bit slow at times. The other issue here is the wholly unexplained nature of the strange ooze that's found on their bodies which doesn't get explained how it works, where it comes from or how it affects their bodies since they disappear after being ingested and killed as their bodies are completely gone with no explanation. Keeping it's low-budget in mind, these are the main factors against this one.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

Reviewed by babyjaguar 4 / 10

Irrational Vision: Treating Phobic Reactions

Although this film shows great commitment to independent filmmaking, this film was left scattered. Its story was orginal, but comes off incomplete with a good idea re: modern science/ancient magic as clinical treatment for phobias. Charles Chudabala was great as the neurotic "Doctor Sanders", his acting was at best nearing the climax of the film. This film and its makers have been best appreciated by fans at its screenings being shown with stateside horror-themed conventions/film festivals.

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