Irreplaceable You


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 32%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 8287

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elliest_5 5 / 10

Sticks to the recipe

It's not a bad film. It's definitely watchable and I did get a little teary towards the end, so I wouldn't call it soul-less either. It just doesn't have enough soul and it doesn't have enough originality.

In fact, I've recently come up with a category of films that this would totally fit into. It's called "scripts that could have been written by an AI". A successful AI mind you - one that has been fed every produced script on the same topic, but also one that cannot produce anything genre-defying or ground-breaking.

So here's the recipe it operates on:

  • Take the "Love Story" (the 1970 film) premise (as used by a million other films between then and now).

  • Add a specific take and tension to the story, as previously done by films like "My Life Without Me" (2003)

  • Create good chemistry between two stereotypical protagonists (the "loveable and deceptively sexy nerd" male and the "strong, funny, and beautiful" female)

  • Add the sidekicks: the "mischievous, promiscuous, but supportive best mate", the "(much older, quirky, and wisecracking) unlikely friend", the "overbearing but still loving" mother, plus a couple more distinct-enough-but-not-too-memorable-so-as-not-to-overshadow-the-protagonists characters.

  • Make the photography and styling Instagrammable

  • Add a pleasant soundtrack

  • Cast a veteran actor in the old-but-quirky role

  • Cast a hunk recognisable from an extremely popular TV series to attract the fandom

  • Lightly sprinkle on top with quotable wisdoms about the meaning of life and death

And there you have it. Served lukewarm on Netflix.

Reviewed by Jared_Andrews 1 / 10

It's a Tear-jerker that Jerks No Tears

Irreplaceable You features an endearing story, fairly likable leads and tremendous supporting actors. So why doesn't it work? At all?

First, it's painfully dull and flat. Nothing about the movie feels authentic or developed. Abbie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is diagnosed with cancer and is not expected to live long. But she never actually looks sick. She keeps her luscious hair, aside from a single lost lock in a scene that is supposed to be emotionally devastating but is instead eyeroll worthy because it's not deserved.

The scenes that are meant to evoke emotional responses never work because they simply happen. There's no build up to pull viewers in and engage them. The moments are slapped on like a bumper sticker and contain the same amount of depth. The result is a tear-jerker movie that causes no tears.

The other main issue is with the premise. I'm not sure that any writer could make this one work. Abbie uses dating apps to find a new girl for her fiancé to be with after she dies. It's uncomfortable, unfunny and unbelievable. So, of course, it never builds any momentum and is eventually abandoned in the third act. But by then the movie is nearly over and the plotline most in focus is doomed to fail.

The lone bright spots come from supporting performances of Kate McKinnon (SNL), Timothy Simons (Veep) and Christopher Walken (pick a movie). Steve Coogan is also around but is underused. Just another example of the filmmakers focusing on the wrong aspects of the story. With some better choices of plot and character use, this movie might have been halfway decent.

But the choices were the wrong ones, and consequently, this movie is a very poor one.

Reviewed by andrewdrumm911 4 / 10

So much potential. So little follow through

The premise of this movie had me very excited to watch. I am a sucker for chick flicks, romance movies and tear jerkers so this looked like it would be right in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately this never reached the heights it had the potential to go.

The movie is constructed as a tear jerker but while it gets close at times, they never do a good enough job of creating a close enough relationship with us and the main characters for us to care enough as we would in other great sad movies.

While Gugu Mbatha-Raw is fantastic in this movie, Michael Huisman's performance really drags the movie down as he is infuriating with a lack of emotion about the situation, both lack of sadness but also anger at Abbie's decisions and he just doesn't care enough which makes it hard to invest.

The decision in the middle of the movie that Sam makes is just plain stupid and left me not wanting him to end happy at all. The movie tried too hard to be different when they already had a great idea with a fantastic actress that would have worked if they hadn't tried too hard to be unique.

The supporting parts were well done, particularly Christopher Walken, and I connected much more with his and Abbie's relationship in the movie than I did with Abbie and Sam's.

A final nitpick was that they made the strange decision not to have Abbie appear physically sick at all. Her appearance barely changes throughout and it just makes no sense and once again loses an opportunity for us to connect.

Some great acting overall but it gets dragged down by a bad performance from Michael Huisman and poor writing. So much potential and it is my favorite type of genre but really disappointed with the outcome.

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