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Ryan Phillippe as Self - Narrator
Justin Chatwin as Self - Ambassador for Peace
Leven Rambin as Ambassador for Peace
Booboo Stewart as Ambassador for Peace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by misssun 2 / 10

Sorry, I couldn't finish watching this

The entitlement displayed in this film is very troubling to me. This kind of "dropping in" on a culture and feigning understanding and bonding with the people who live there is disrespectful and ethnocentric. I could not continue watching it - heard "they were like family" one too many times. Also, featuring the woman cast member in her bikini in every other shot, when the native women were covered, was painful to watch. Did these people not do any kind of basic research on Papua, New Guinea and its culture before they made this trip? Or did they not care? The lack of responsibility and awareness is just astounding.

Reviewed by hen3d45 3 / 10


A bunch of trust fund babies take a HUGE amount of expensive surfing equipment to remote beaches around New Guinea. Then talk about the conditions of the people living there. Add in some dramatic music to make it seem as if they are making ANY kind of contribution to these people's lives and then leave to go surf some more.

I can't get over how arrogant this all is. Most people have to work for a living. Your mission was to SURF?!>?!?! really? You took a film crew and half a dozen surfers across the world to find some WAVES>?!>!>!> the hubris of this is unbelievable. Then I see the budget was 1.1 million dollars.. GRRRRRRRR... maybe you could have made a real contribution to these people and not just made a self aggrandizing film about how great you are for filming people living in fear of genocide and other atrocities.

Phew.. I feel better. Thank you for your time. and if you made this movie and are reading this, please re-evaluate your priorities in life.

Reviewed by simpleman2423 8 / 10

World Class Surfers in search of World Class Waves

great chill film

I enjoyed vicariously witnessing wildly beautiful places with sanguine surfing explorers, and the side story's (which develops into THE story) added depth (which is all about caring for strangers) really fixed me happily to the whole tale.

Another critic skewered this film for lack of integrity. If all he gathered from this film is that these surfers were "trust fund babies" on a vacation, then I think the guy is simply disagreeable. Sometimes the people trying anything they can think of to make a difference seem silly to people whose efforts have never reached beyond the criticism of others.

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