It Cuts Deep


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4 10 163

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gwobblewopkins 1 / 10

Clearly made by a self-important Man Child

If you took all the humorous parts from Strange Wilderness, extracted them and took them some place far away, then threw occasional horror elements in to your now humor-less stew, the resulting mess would probably resemble this movie a great deal. Repetitive exchanges, bad attitudes, and overall unlikableness are the lay of the land here.

Only watch this if you want a crash course in how to spend 80 minutes without saying anything.

Reviewed by mikedegroot 3 / 10

A real review

Seeing how there are only two reviews for this movies and both of them are fake 10 star reviews, I feel that it is my civic duty to write a real review here.

This is not a great movie. Hell, this isn't even a decent movie. The "comedy" comes in the form of uncomfortable and awkward moments and the horror is very badly done and uninteresting.

To keep this short and sweet...the story and acting are quite bad and I can't recommend it to anyone. Hard pass.

Reviewed by gingr_rogrs 1 / 10


This is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the worst films I have ever seen. I thought 2020 couldn't get worse, the firs in Australia, Covid 19, Brexit, TRUMP (though he has lost so that's good), Boris Johnson and the mishandling worldwide of this terrible pandemic. But yes it did get worse with this awful film. An award winning performance by Charles Gould. By awards I mean the razzies. Seriously, HOW this has got a 5.7 on here amazes me because even if you were writing as a cast member you;d give it a 1. The story itself is dire, but the acting.... you know films that are so bad they;re sort of good? Like Samurai Cop? Well this IS NOT like that. Its just pure ... BAD. Don't waste your time watching this. It actually made me cross it was so terrible and Gould is so awful he's annoying. AVOID.

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