It Started in Naples


Comedy / Drama

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December 13, 2022 at 07:40 PM

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Sophia Loren as Lucia Curcio
Clark Gable as Michael Hamilton
Vittorio De Sica as Mario Vitale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10

A nice romantic comedy, in which a sexy Queen captures the 'King of Hollywood.'

Philadelphia lawyer Michael Hamilton (Clark Gable) arrives in Naples to settle the estate of his philandering brother...

He learns that his brother had taken a common-law wife who died with him in an automobile accident, leaving a ten-year-old lovechild named Nando...

Nando (Marietto) is looked after by his attractive aunt Lucia (Sophia Loren), a dazzling night-club dancer on Capri, who dreams of someday becoming a movie star...

Almost immediately, Mike and Lucia clash over the boy's upbringing...

Lucia wants to keep the lad and let him live as he chooses... The street urchin stays up half the night in the club, smokes cigarettes and indulges in trivial theft... Mike is aghast, and insists he be giving a proper formal and social education...

The matter is put to the court, but during the struggle for Marietto's affections, the couple fall in love and fight a lot when Hamilton makes it clear that marriage is out...

Photographed in Capri, the Island of Dreams, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea, the film is a nice romantic comedy in which a sexy Queen captures the 'King of Hollywood.'

Gable delivers one of the most memorable lines of the movie when he asks, at night, a waiter: 'How are people supposed to sleep on this island?'

Reviewed by nicholas.rhodes 9 / 10

La donna e bella !

This film really has to take the cake as being one of the most romantic comedies ever made, I have watched it countless times and this year it was finally issued on DVD with excellent picture quality devoid of clicks, blotches and other compression artefacts.

The film is plastically beautiful, the surroundings are out of this world, Sophia Loren is beautiful, sexy, funny, what more could you ask, Nando is a gorgeous character and Mark Hamilton ( Clark Gable ) carries his rôle to perfection. The dialogues between him and Nando are absolutely scrumptious. Yhe story line which alternates between moments of pure romance then quarrelling and back again keeps the spectator on his/her toes even if the outcome is guessed in advance. I just loved the scene where Gable is in the train, listens to the comments of his compatriots in the compartment, just gets up and goes .. an excellent ending.

The sets of the film are beautiful, I have never been to Capri but it sure looks a beautiful and romantic place. The 100,000 euro question is "Does it Still Look Like that in 2005" . Hopefully one or more of the inhabitants will read this and let us know !!

My only beef on this film is trying to get hold of the sound track, no cd in the world seems to contain it - surprising when you consider the number of film sound tracks now available. My favourite is actually the title song ( instrumental ) which was composed by a certain Alessandro Cicognini, and which appears at various intervals in the film, including in a vocal version sung in Italian with a rhumba rhythm - no one tells us what the title is - so God knows how this can be found. The song "Tu vuo fa l'americano" sung by Loren in the nightclub has fared better ! It has actually been sung by one of the artists well known here in France, Dany Brilliant and his version, though not as good as Loren's is not bad at all. As for the other tunes, no sign of them anywhere.

Hopefully one day, someone somewhere will have the intelligence to issued the INTEGRAL sound track of this film on a cd. Given the amount of time we have had to wait to have the film on DVD, there may still be hope for a cd later. Brilliant !

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10

Those Americanos, Americanos

This was the first Clark Gable movie I ever remember seeing and I saw it in the old Marine Theatre in Brooklyn. Turned out also to be the last one Clark Gable got to see released as The Misfits was released after Gable's demise.

He's an honest to God Philadelphia lawyer who had a brother who deserted his wife and took off for Italy where he lived with another woman. The brother has died and Gable has gone to Italy to settle the estate.

The estate's one very tangible asset was the brother's son played very winningly by Marietto. Mom is deceased also and the boy is living with her sister and who wouldn't want an aunt who looked like Sophia Loren. It's a custody battle and the question the movie asks is how will the issue be settled, in or out of court?

Gable's certainly a mature leading man playing about 15 to 20 years younger than he is, but he carries it off well. And Sophia Loren is wonderful to see.

But the real star of this film is the Isle of Capri, one of the most beautiful spots on this old planet. Capri was getting a lot of publicity from Hollywood. Only a year before Mario Lanza's last film, For the First Time, also was shot a great deal in Capri. After these two films the tourist business must have boomed.

Sophia Loren has a few nice numbers to sing and one of them was the song Americano. It had a revival a few years ago in Matt Damon's The Talented Mr. Ripley. But Sophia's version is soooooooooo much better.

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