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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

Probably Fields' best

Although he really didn't make all that many films compared to the likes of Laurel and Hardy or Buster Keaton, W. C. Fields did several amazingly funny and wonderful films. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least three or four that are bona fide classics--nearly perfect comedies. Among these, this film is my very favorite. The film concerns poor Mr. Bissonette--a much more likable and put-upon character than usual for Fields. He's basically a good hardworking man who tries his best to care for his family, though through most of the film, he gets little thanks for his efforts. In the first portion of the film, he's a grocery store owner who has to deal with a lot of difficult customers. My favorite of these is Mr. Muckle, the blind and hard of hearing man. While this is far from "politically correct", the scene where Muckle destroys the store is hilarious and you have to see it to appreciate it. Apart from running the store, we see Fields in a lot of mundane activities that should not be funny (such as trying to get a good night's sleep)--but with his wonderful delivery and sense of timing, it can't help but make you laugh.

In the last portion, Fields takes his family to "the promised land"--to California to the orange ranch he bought sight unseen. Despite years of very hard work to earn the money for the land, of course there is a catch and his dream isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. However, remember that this is a film co-written by Fields and his drunk "everyman" character is going to somehow succeed just like he did in so many other films--it's the HOW that you'll just have to see for yourself.

The film has some wonderful supporting performances, but for the most part, this film is Fields. He single-handedly keeps the film going and his timing and talents are immense. Give this one a chance and get ready to laugh.

Also, despite the same titles, don't mix this one up with the great silent short from Snub Pollard--also a must-see for old time comedy fans. However, "It's a Gift" was originally a silent film called "The Old Army Game" and it's also a terrific film.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 10 / 10

It's a gift alright

Have always had a high appreciation for comedy, and have always made every effort to appreciate all the types of it. While admittedly liking some more so than others if to be honest, for instance preferring witty and sophisticated over crude and juvenile. There are a number of comedy legends in film, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, and W.C. Fields at his best is up there with the greats and one of the greatest at bungling physical comedy.

'It's a Gift' is indeed a gift, so basically living up to its name, and really a gift to treasure for a long time. It is one of Fields' best and funniest films quite easily in my view and quintessential Fields, meaning that if asked what films of his are recommended or are must sees this would be a near-immediate answer. One of the best and funniest films seen recently too (as well as being one of the essential comedies), being somebody who has become a little harder to please over the years while still trying to be as encouraging as possible.

Fields is an absolute joy here in 'It's a Gift' in a familiar role that he did brilliantly and better than anybody. The comedy is classic Fields, some of his funniest, but he is more than just funny here. He is also somewhat endearing and quite easy to relate to, namely in any struggles in everyday activities. Things that may come over as dull and tiresome on screen when depicted, but not so here. For instance trying to sleep, a very relatable everyday/everynight problem, has very rarely been funnier.

The funny parts are many (the best hilarious), with the highlights being the two-reel sequence on the porch, a long sequence but one of the funniest film sketches ever in my view, and the amazing store scene with Mr Muckle played by Charles Sellon. It's not just the physical comedy too, there are some great lines too that are very quotable. The Carl LaFong bit also had me in gales of laughter.

Amongst all the laughter, there is also a very human and charming story. Simple sure but the humanity and charm really shines, and do the lively and easy to warm to characters. Although this is Fields' film all the way in the acting stakes, Sellon is a real scene stealer in the aforementioned scene and Kathleen Howard plays a motormouth to hysterical perfection. It is nicely filmed and directed too, but it's Fields and the physical and verbal comedy that will be remembered.

Summing up, brilliant and a Fields essential. It really is a gift. 10/10

Reviewed by bkoganbing 9 / 10

"It's Pronounced Bissonay"

I think only in The Bank Dick was W.C. Fields more henpecked than he is in It's A Gift. He also has a perfect foil for his brand of humor in Kathleen Howard as his wife in the second of three films she did with the man from Philadelphia.

In this film more than most of Fields's films I think the real secret of his comedy comes out. I can't think of a single funny line from It's A Gift worth remembering. But what does stick with you are all the gestures and expressions with his body and face that Fields gives us to show the hellhole of his married state.

Kathleen Howard in fact doesn't let the poor guy get a word in edgewise. What a motormouth that woman had, constantly finding fault and running him down from the first to the last minute of the movie. Right at the beginning of the film the poor guy can't even have the bathroom to himself as kids and wife just barge in on him with their problems and complaints.

In that scene where Fields is trying to shave, to later on when he goes out on the porch hammock to get some peace and quiet, it's nothing in what he says, but in all the reaction shots where the comedy comes from. Even in the famous scene at the general store with the blind man Mr. Muckle. The comedy is all in Fields's reactions to Muckle running amuck. Trying not to say anything to observe political correctness. Remember Muckle is also identified as the house detective in the hotel across the street.

Kathleen Howard serves as Fields's greatest foil, no wonder he did three films with her. Note how Hyacinth like she is in insisting that her name Bissonette be pronounced Bissonay.

Still Fields pursues the American dream and when Uncle Bean dies and wills him some California property, he loads up the truck and moves to, well not Beverly Hills, but close enough so he can get an orange grove and grow them. It comes about in an interesting way that you have to see the film for.

It's A Gift is one of the finest efforts of America's most beloved misanthropes.

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