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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HCTerra 10 / 10

A Very Hard Film to Watch, but SO Important!

I just want to say first that the other review that criticizes the film and says its "nothing new", that right there is a big part of the problem. Treating these things like run of the mill world issues is why we aren't doing more to help the situation. We prefer boys to girls in most of the world. There is gendercide going on right here in America, we just don't have to be so hands-on about it. If people can't learn to care about what is going on in other countries with sex selection and other gender related issues, how are we to get rid of gender preference here? Anyways, the film was very powerful. I appreciated the brutal honesty from people who had killed their infant daughters, or aborted their child because she was a girl. We have a tendency to think that the bad things happening around the world and in your own country are being committed by bad people living in the shadows. In reality, it is just average people who you would see as no more dangerous than the next person. We need to understand that the problem lies in the culture and society norms, not the individual person. That is a lot of what is shown here. What is actually happening, who is doing it and why, and what the results of their actions are over time.

It is a good film, but very difficult to watch, especially if gender issues hit close to home with you. Watch it anyways, it is too important to ignore because reality makes you uncomfortable.

Reviewed by marykaech 10 / 10

Everyone should watch this film

This film is very hard to watch, but it's necessary. We all need to know about this and then do something about it. Train your daughters and sons to grow up valuing all human life equally, and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

This film offers a balanced perspective into a very complicated issue. It shows that there are no clear "good guys" and "bad guys." It fights for the dignity of women without suggesting men are the source of the problem.

The cinematography is gorgeous, the interviews are meaningful, and the stories are ones you will never forget. I appreciated how the interviews included professionals in this field--researchers and activists--as well as everyday parents whose lives have been affected by China's one-child policy or an overarching view that females are less valuable than males.

A dear friend of mine is Indian, and she said she grew up with her father saying that girls are like a sixth finger: If you can afford for them to be surgically removed, that is great. Otherwise, they just hang there uselessly. I can't imagine growing up in a society that propagates that viewpoint. Thankfully, there are many grassroots organizations working to change this mindset in India, like Let Her Live and the Art for Change Foundation.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

You should see this one...

This documentary came out a few years ago, and generally I try to review movies around the time they debut. However, this is such an important and compelling film that I really think it's important that you see it if you get a chance and I feel it's important that I write about It's a Girl!.

The film is about a horrible problem in both India and China today-- the prevailing feeling that girls are a burden. However, why this is and how all this plays out is a bit different.

In India, babies are routinely killed by their families. We are not talking about a few hundred children, but millions. I was shocked at the start of the film as a woman admitted to killing all 8 of her babies because they were girls. The most shocking part about this is that she said all this with a smile on her face! Why?! Why would she and so many other mothers do this? Apparently, in this land, a family is traditionally considered blessed when they have a son, yet when they have a girl it is just a burden--another mouth to feed AND a girl who will need a huge dowry in the future to basically pay a man to take her. As a result of these attitudes, there also has been a proliferation of doctors who perform illegal ultrasounds--and if the fetus is a girl, it's aborted. A third common alternative is to just abandon the child to the streets--and orphanages are filled to bursting with girls!

The problem in China is a bit different. While the killing of children because of gender ('gendercide') is illegal in India (though practically never prosecuted), in China abortions are a governmental policy. While there are also social and cultural pressures to have boys just as in India, most families are only allowed one child--so they are ultra-careful and choose to keep fetuses that are boys. And, if it's a girl, it could mean that if they have the child, they won't be able to have a boy! So, children are also murdered or abandoned.

Both portions of the film are filled with horribly sad stories, such as women being murdered because they gave birth to girls, mothers going into hiding to prevent folks from killing their daughters as well as a group of women talking about and demonstrating how they murder their baby girls. All of this is emotionally draining to watch--and it's important you have some Kleenex handy and perhaps see it with someone.

As to the quality of the film, it's very well made and instead of preaching at the audience, it allows Indian and Chinese people to talk about their experiences. This is a great choice, as it makes the stories much more compelling and it comes off less as outsiders trying to tell these people how to act but instead shows folks within their cultures pushing for changes in attitudes and laws. My only complaint, and it's a very minor one, is that the narration sounds as if they show is geared more towards a younger audience-- but despite this, it still doesn't pull its punches and is a terrific film. Like many of the best documentaries, this one pushes for change and also makes an emotional connection with the viewer. I know that for me and my daughter, we often cried as we watched this touching movie.

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