2017 [HINDI]

Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 10086

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by noonoonomore 5 / 10

way too many plot holes

As much as I love Siddharth and want to like this movie, I can't. Where do I even start. The fact that a forensics can't even guess the amount of material in a pill by weighting it when an average person like me easily can, or the fact that in each of those stories he is hit in a different part of his head and by a simple test they could've found out who's telling the truth or finding out that Shekhar was his wife's lawyer just needed a few questioning of the acquaintances which they didn't, or maybe the movie's tryina mock the police and their inadequacies! Plus the twist was way predictable, it would've been way better if he had killed his own wife and the woman had killed the husband but one got locked up and the other got away.

Reviewed by banerjeenirmalya 7 / 10

A good plot, a matured handling and a brilliant Akshaye Khanna

Vikram Sethi (Siddharth), a London based writer, comes to Mumbai to launch his 3rd novel. When his wife's dead body is found in the hotel room, Vikram finds himself charged with murder. In order to evade the dread of being indicted wrongfully, he escapes. During the cat and mouse chase, his car overturns and an injured Vikram seeks refuge in a flat. The inhabitant of the apartment is a young lady named Maya (Sonakshi) and what's more her husband's dead body is discovered soon and Vikram finds himself charged with double-murder. The police nab him again but he pleads innocence in respect of both the crimes. Inspector Dev Verma (Akshaye Khanna) is put in charge of the case and he has only 3 days to crack the mysteries. Set in the backdrop of the incessant Mumbai downpour, the whodunit which seems like an apparently open and shut case gets twisted by the conflicting admissions of Vikram and Maya. The narrative is a linear one and the alternative versions of the two central characters are chipped in time and again. The Police is left to decide as to who is speaking the truth. Is there a connection between the two killings or is it merely a coincidence? The hazy surroundings, dimly lit buildings cleverly accentuate the subtlety of tensions. Debutant director Abhay Chopra handles the 1969 hit remake of the same name pretty well. There are no forced red-herrings or unwanted secondary plots but the interjections are cleverly devised. The pace is well maintained and keeps the audience on the tenterhooks till the very end. All the details do indeed converge to make the unpredictable climax believable. What's a bit of a let- down is the performance of the lead characters ; Siddharth and Sonakshi. There's this strange disease of underacting affecting Bollywood nowadays. We do find an overdose of melodrama in masala flicks and it's counter-balanced by an undercurrent of deadpan expressions in the comparatively realistic ones. Although Siddharth improvises deftly at the end, Sonakshi seems dud. The only person who stood out was the old horse Akshaye Khanna. He displayed a brilliant poise, charm and lends a lease of life midst a wary set of investigating procedures. His light- hearted comic banter with his subordinate evokes an intellectual feat of humour and not merely a comic relief. I wonder why we don't see this man facing the camera more. Overall it's quite a decent and different sort of a crime thriller sans Bollywood antiques and illogical song and dance sequences. It's more satisfying to see the venture being carried out by Red Chillies and Dharma Productions who don't actually harness the reputation of trying something different in tinsel town.

Reviewed by JamesWilkin55 9 / 10

Very good suspense thriller!

This movie is a really good suspense thriller, and in my experience Bollywood films are generally much longer than this, usually 2.5 hours or more, and this one wasn't even 2 hours. I don't know much about suspense films in Bollywood, this is the first one by the industry that I have seen and I really enjoyed it. The acting performances are all great, especially by the police officer, played by Mr. Akshay khanna. I watched Sidharth in a lovely film called Kapoor and Sons and he was great in this one as well. The background score was terrific too. I read that it is actually based on an original film from 1969. Interestingly I recognize the lead actor in that one by the name Rajesh Khanna, as he was mentioned frequently in the amazing film Neerja that came out last year in 2016. So I will make sure to watch the original Ittefaq soon as well.

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