Ivory Hunter


Adventure / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 120

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VernC 8 / 10

A gem

Tight story well told. Features one of the first rhino versus truck on film. Unglamorous presentation of foundation of early game reserves in Africa.

Identity of the villain will be no surprise.

Reviewed by jromanbaker 8 / 10

Man's instinct to kill

The tagline, presented here on this site is a dated and threatening ' come on '. Only the rich could go animal hunting in Africa, and Anthony Steel, at perhaps his limited best, as a man who wants to find a reserve where the animals are safe. This is a well intentioned film, and it begins by clearly showing men ( and women ) just see animals as sport or trophy. I am not sure if animals were killed, and it looked realistic to me. Dinah Sheridan shows before ' Genevieve ' what a good actor she could be, and I regret that she gave up acting so soon. The film is made in colour and by the lack of reviews I can see few have bothered to watch it. It is available on DVD and Ealing Studios clearly thought animal lovers would want to see it. The intentions of killing off animals is clearly portrayed as an evil, and I hope viewers in 1951 did not just see it as entertainment. Given the nature of the human race to kill at any opportunity this maybe a too hopeful thought. Simply made on location it is action packed and no spoilers on what happens. A heart felt film which has dated but still sends out an important message. Quite simply do not kill animals for a spurious prestige or blood lust. Well directed.

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