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Joanna Moore as Miriam Wages
Slim Pickens as Grady Caldwell

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Reviewed by watkinssr 1 / 10

This is the worst film of any kind...

I collect bad biker movies. The more painful, the better. This one is king of them all. The worst biker film, indeed the worst film of any kind. I can't watch it in one sitting. In fact, it's hard to get to the opening credits in one sitting. If you ever see it, you will understand. The opening credits started rolling, and I mistakenly believed it was the closing credits and started rejoicing. The intro is that long. And bad. And painful.

I mean, I understand low budget films, I've even worked on one myself, but they could have taken up a collection for clean underwear for the lead character if they in fact felt it was that important to have the lead character roll around in his underwear. And apparently they did.

The scene where .....nevermind....its just too painful a memory.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 2 / 10

Jesus was a biker

Jesus Christ is born again on Earth. Maybe. Then again, he could also be a biker tripping on acid with a hardcore Southern Baptist preacher daddy. But it doesn't matter, because he's got his gang of bikers and he's taking them on an LSD-fueled pilgrimage to the Promised Land. Oh 1972 - what a magical time you were for completely off the rails movies.

The title doesn't show up for fifteen minutes and the same guy that wrote and directed this - William F. McGaha - also stars in it. He did the same thing for two other movies, Bad Girls for the Boys and The Speed Lovers.

Somehow, he was able to convince Joana Moore (Touch of Evil), Slim Pickens (the guy rode a nuke into Russia for us, folks) and Burr DeBenning (five years before he'd chase a melting Steve West all over the city).

With a tagline like "J.C. And His Disciples Were A Gang Of Broads, Bikes And Blacks," how can you really go wrong? Well, the actual film doesn't live up to the premise, of a biker Jesus changing the world, but on this budget, they were lucky he changed his vestments.

The poster and taglines though? That's what movies are all about.

Reviewed by boblipton 4 / 10

Yes, I Get The Symbolism

Writer-director-producer William McGaha shows up in a small southern town and makes friends with the local bikers. Sheriff Slim Pickens doesn't like his bringing a Black friend into a town where, I imagine, they still don't cotton them being around after sundown.

It's your typical biker as the Son of G*d movie. There are decent performances, good camerawork and thoughtful editing. It's a simple-minded script, though, more intent on making its moralizing points than in telling a story.

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