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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgsurplus-69154 2 / 10

no one alive who was there

Love the pro's who just know everything about history through shear speculation and reading ones emotions by words on a page. drevel waste of time

Reviewed by Dirk_van_den_Berg 10 / 10

A necessary film - especially after January 6

American flags, the christian cross - oh, the symbolism. God and country. A myth for anybody who did not grow up in America, such as the mythical belief that violence toward others is a "god given" right, especially if you're the stronger one.

The enlightenment seems to have given the USA a pass altogether.

As a European, watching this documentary makes me not want to travel to certain (United) states anymore. But then again, when I watch combat axes and assault weapons hanging on the walls of a bible-quoting police officer, I say to myself "sure, this guy is American". Because if that scene was filmed in Europe, I would call him a dangerous person, who dangerously separates the world between "us" and "them" - the righteous and the others, the wrong ones who are different and therefore can be "punished".

Almost nothing in this film comes as a surprise - religion and patriotism go hand in hand in a "country of immigrants" where government is considered a nuisance and pro-gun speakers talk about "god given right of self defense".

What does come as a surprise though is that most (not all, but a I'd say 9 out of 10) of the characters in the film are - white. And most of them are - male.

It took Kevin Miller great courage to make this film. I myself did films about religious extremism in the Middle East and Northern Africa. I'd feel queasy if I lived in those countries, because I know how much hatred is there especially from religious fanatics. So, Kevin Miller who lives in the United States is most of all, a courageous director. His film is so well done that it is almost unbearable. Watching it, sometimes I would have liked it to be worse - not as well researched, not as well filmed, not as well edited - to give myself an excuse to stop watching. Because watching it is HARD (did I mention I am European?).

Yes, this is a necessary film. Nowadays, people are not used to hear anything that is not in line with their own beliefs. So, I am afraid that people "on the other side" will avoid it. Like... the devil.

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