Jack Irish: Bad Debts


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 2410

Keywords:   gunfight, police corruption, melbourne, australia, activist, debt collector, horse racing, wife murder, client, grenade, australian rules football

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Guy Pearce as Jack Irish
Emma Booth as Isabel Irish
Colin Friels as Garth Bruce
Anthony Hayes as Vin McKillop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mc12000 8 / 10

Heavy but surprisingly good

I watched this without being aware that it is based on a book. However, I an a fan of Guy Pearce and he played this role with his usual proficiency. The story and plot were solid and engaging, and the faint touches of humour gave a well-rounded polish to a low budget title which holds its own very well.

The usual elements of a good thriller plot are there. The pub scenes were probably the best and certainly produced the most chuckles.

If there was any complaint, it would probably be that Guy Pearce was too good looking for this role, and I felt that someone moodier and beefier might have done it more justice.

Reviewed by miruleyall 10 / 10

As Aussie as a meat pie, Jack Irish pays off his bad debts

From the people behind Rake, Jack Irish is the latest TV movie from Andrew Knight from Rake and SeaChange fame.

Guy Peirce is fantastic as Jack Irish.

This would be one of the few series i would recommend to non aussies.

if you like shows like rake, seachange and spooks as well as the edge of darkness.

Such a great story, full of great characters, fantastic locations, flawless cinematography and direction.

With 1 down and 3 more to go i will be keeping a close eye on Jack Irish's next adventures.


Reviewed by Lolly12 9 / 10

Uttery apt cast, script and smarts

Guy Pearce works beautifully with his large and superb supporting cast in Jack Irish while very much being the laid- back centre of the show. It a truly collaborative effort in terms of performances and the script allows for this by sharing around some fabulous dialogue and one-liners. Marta Dusseldorp seems just right as Linda, smart, determined but vulnerable too.

The direction is sharp and thoughtful, the design for locations and sense of place is outstanding, plus the pacing, which I would have thought would have driven the script writers up the wall in condensing from the labyrinth plots of the novel, just hums along.

Special shout-out to Roy Billing (Harry) and the wonderful Aaron Pedersen (Cam) as Jack's racing skallywag mates: the three of them operate seemingly effortlessly together in this first outing for Jack Irish, very believable. And they keep to that high level in all the subsequent episodes.

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