Jack Irish: Dead Point


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7 10 1397

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Vince Colosimo as Mike Cundall
Shane Jacobson as Barry Tregear
Ron Falk as Norm
John Jarratt as Sen. Sgt Laurie Olsen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waynea3 8 / 10

Excellent Drama

These "Jack Irish" dramas are top quality drama. They never take themselves too seriously and are always entertaining. The ABC gets it right where the commercial stations don't. Solid production values and excellent acting: local work to be proud of. Guy Pierce is certainly one of our finest actors and Peter Temples "Jack" fits him like a glove. The use of the raw Melbourne suburban streets give this film tons of believability and realism. I understand there remains one more novel and another currently being written. I look forward to seeing them both: I also hope that the team producing them remains intact and stays together throughout this series. If you have not had the pleasure of watching any of them I suggest you do yourself a favor and catch up. The supporting cast of actors is the cream of the Australian crop. You would find it hard to do better.

Reviewed by daveylang 6 / 10

Ignore the "lazy Australian acting) review

Just watched this after reading a review that accused the cast of "lazy Australian acting" and was intrigued to see what that looked like. I was pleasantly surprised, good story, beginning, middle and end all in the right place, no CGI, no aliens, no fantasy scenes, one explosion. Guy Pierce is a good actor and he usually plays believable characters. I am going to Melbourne at Christmas so I watched it to see what the city looked like.

All in all a lot better than a lot of the movies I have wasted time on in the last few years. Whoever wrote that review seemed to have a bit of spite towards Australians, or Australian actors anyway.

Reviewed by mattbrentford 8 / 10

Real Melbourne Grit

I was disappointed with the content of some reviews prior to watching this piece. Subsequent to having viewed Jack Irish : Dead Point I have found certain comments to be racially and possibly homophobically insensitive, if not outright offensive. I'm surprised such comments remain on this site.

If you do not believe the plot lines and find problems with the language of this film its probably your problem rather than the film makers. Are all films supposed to be filled with someone's idealised, politically correct, mid Atlantic accented digitally enhanced fantasy? If you're that sort of individual look elsewhere. You'll probably be outraged by Dead Point.

If on the other hand you like authentic localised language, a taste of an Australia that's fast fading, a bit of grime and the old streets of Melbourne then you're certain to thoroughly enjoy Jack Irish.

I lived in Melbourne for decades and met most of the characters depicted in this film at one time or another. They are genuine and accurate representations. Some scenes and areas of the plot can appear to be somewhat simplistic but the truth is real life often plays out that way. Some of the language used may also seem to be "of another era" but so are most of the better characters in this film.

If anything the plot and characters are a little bit dated in a modern setting. It's quite nostalgic in approach. Dead Point certainly honours a long and successful history of high quality, real life TV drama from the ABC.

I bet some reviewers didn't like Malcolm ( 1986 ) or Underbelly either.

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