Jakob's Wife



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 184

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Bonnie Aarons as The Master
Larry Fessenden as Pastor Jakob Fedder
Barbara Crampton as Anne Fedder
Sarah Lind as Carol Fedder

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Otkon 6 / 10

Barbara Crampton chews it up.

This is a fun little film with some of both Crampton's and Fessenden's finest acting. It mixes a few genres into the horror. And the thing seems like a slice-of-life about a married couple that has to deal with a supernatural outbreak on top of their other issues. It goes in a few weird directions. I liked it.

Reviewed by ropelawshiel 5 / 10

Dark Romance

A fun dark romance, one of the better Shudder films, Love lust, gore small budget done well.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 6 / 10


Barbara Crampton plays a minister's wife who finds a new calling in life......well sort of. A Charming, kind of fun film because Barbara and Larry Fessenden play so well together and both are excellent in their roles. The movie starts off on some high notes , gets a bit slow and random in the middle , then picks up in the finale, but overall is better than most of the usual low budget horror fare tossed out these days. It's nicely shot, and while it doesn't outright play it for laughs, this isn't a serious horror film. What puts it a cut above is the depth given to the 2 leads and you actually like and feel for them. Worth watching.

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