Jane B. for Agnes V.

1988 [FRENCH]

Biography / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 804

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Agnès Varda as Agnès Varda
Mathieu Demy as Le fils de A.
Jean-Pierre Léaud as L'amoureux colérique
Jane Birkin as Calamity Jane / Claude Jade / Joan Arc

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thao 7 / 10

A strange Felliniesque documentary about Jane Birkin

Here is a strange Felliniesque documentary about Jane Birkin. Varda takes Birkin apart, gets her to confess and open up, makes up some facts, puts her in roles she does not like (she does not want to play Jane, the wife of Tarzan) and offers her to pick roles she would love (Joan of Arc, Mowgli) and a chance to play against actors who she admires. It is a wild avant garde ride, full of humor, beautiful visuals and quirky moments. Not all of the scenes are as interesting and it does sometimes feel like it is not going anywhere but it is a ride well worth taking and it does show well what a daring and challenging artist Varda has always been.

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