Jannat 2

2012 [HINDI]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 5145

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ranjanjktyr 8 / 10

Not A Sequel..

One Thing is For Sure, Mahesh Bhatt Always Hits the Bulls Eye. After Normal Success Of A Mediocre film Like Blood Money, He has filled his accounts with Jannat 2, Taking the name of a Successful Blockbuster of 2008 ,Planting a Good Music and Imran Hashmi. These three factors are enough to make a film successful . But there is more in Jannat 2 , Randeep Hooda's Best Performance till date, like he was born for a role like this. The chemistry between Imran and Esha is faded because of the camaradeie shared between Hooda And Imran.They have created spark in every scene they are together.Just love them . Also supporting cast have played their part well, whether it be Mangal Singh , Dadda or Imran's Friend. Their are also twists here and there and two good chase sequences. Hence to wrap up . Jannat 2 may not have a good romantic story like Jannat.But its a good crime thriller.Good acts by the cast except newcomer Esha Gupta she is dull. Otherwise Movie is worth a Watch..

Reviewed by koustav_net 8 / 10

Pleasantly Surprised.....!!!!!!

Jannat 2....Going by the trailers, did not have much expectations from it barring the songs....but was pleasantly surprised with what unfolded on the screen.... Started on a rather sluggish note, but did not waste much time to come to the point and from there onwards, it was one helluva ride with some really unexpected and sudden twists and some heavy mouthed "seeti maar" dialogues....if the Interval hits u like a thundering bolt, wait for the climax (never seen such a climax in any movie thus far, hence bound get mixed reactions) And after a point, the drama gets so intense, that few of the really nice songs in the post interval portion seems to be a hindrance to the fast-edgy narrative.... Though promoted as an Emraan Hashmi movie, do watch out for Randeep Hooda....TERRIFIC and it is this Hashmi-Hooda chemistry that took the movie to an altogether different level....LOVED their camaraderie....!!!!! The climax-personally I loved such an unconventional and "never seen before" climax, but still it is bound to get mixed response.... Overall, its surely worth a watch, overlooking few of the blemishes....

Reviewed by thegreatnolanfan 9 / 10

surprisingly entertaining.

Saw Jannat2 few days back. Actually we were planning to go to Vicky Donor but it was not playing in nearby theaters so i thought we ll go to jannat2. I had not seen trailers and not listened the songs even. I thought it would suck but i just wanted to go to cinema for a break.

Well the film started off well with witty dialogs from two main characters Randeep Hooda and Emraan. Both have performed well and take the movie forward on their shoulders. Vulgarity is slowly finding its place in bollywood. The usage of bad language is interesting in the beginning but becomes unrealistic and forced in latter parts of the movie. The lead actress should have been different. She looks like Angelina Jolie at times. Her acting skills are OK. The part where Emran rises in his position and becomes more rich and successful is shown better in Jannat.

The plot is very very interesting, story, very well scripted with twists( some we can guess, others are mind blowing), dialogs are well written. So the writers of the movie did an excellent job. Coming to direction, Kunal Deshmukh has shown his talent in Jannat and Tum Mile. He has improved and refined himself with Jannat2. This is by far his best effort as a director. Some scenes are very interesting like revealing the twists and the conversation between Randeep Hooda and Manish Choudary(Mangal Singh). There is no dull moment even if there are they don't last long.

The ending part of the movie is very touching. I will not spoil it for you, go check it out for yourself. I had low expectations from the movie maybe that s the reason I liked it a lot. If you want to enjoy the movie go with low expectations. But I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Its not a family entertainer so go watch it with friends and you will enjoy it. Bollywood is changing and making serious films, which is a good sign.

P. S: Music is awesome too you will be singing the song "jannate kahan" on your way home.

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