Jason and the Argonauts


Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
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Nancy Kovack as Medea
Todd Armstrong as Jason
Nigel Green as Hercules
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Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 10 / 10

My Masterpiece number 76

My masterpiece number 76 is a remarkable and a special meaning to me,this picture made on location in Italy which is very similar with Greek made part of old school of cinema,this Hellenic tale is a mix of fantasy and adventure using those old process of Ray Harryhausen who became a legend,this tale is unique taking the audiences to another world,ancient times, Greek's Gods and mystical powers and discovering the unknown lands,magnificent movie that deserve a Blu-ray edition with a lot of bonus material,truly gem of the old cinema!!


First watch: 1989 / How many: 4 / Source: TV-Cable TV-DVD / Rating: 10

Reviewed by elvircorhodzic 7 / 10

"...the children of the hydra's teeth...the children of the night..."

JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS is a fantasy adventure which, in a clumsy way, brings a mythological story about heroes, beautiful women, gods, monsters and prophecies.

On Olympus Zeus and Hera witness Pelias' murder of his half-brother, King Aeson of Thessaly. The god Hermes, disguised as Pelias' soothsayer, holds back his army long enough for the infant Jason to be spirited away by one of Aristo's soldiers. Later, Jason returns and demands his right to the throne. Pelias sends Jason on a treacherous journey, the quest for the Golden Fleece...

The story is solid and mythological aspects are very well covered. The dialogues are gloomy,the plot is, due to the conflict between the main character and the gods, predictable and theatrical. The visual effects are very effective and they save this movie at the end. That iconic fight, which contains a number of skeletal warriors, is certainly one of jewels of special effects in the history of cinematography.

The scenery is reduced to a cheap luxury. However, this is an imaginative reflection, if we fit mythological aspects of the story. An absolute acting is perhaps the weakest segment in this film.

Here, we have an unconvincing romance between Jason (Todd Armstrong) and Medea (Nancy Kovack). Well, the rivalry between Zeus (Niall MacGinnis) and Here (Honor Blackman) is something interesting.

This is a magical journey into the void, however, all praise for Mr. Harryhausen.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 8 / 10

"The gods are best served by those who want their help least."

The film holds just about as much magic today as it did when I first saw it about fifty years ago. Another way of saying it would be that the movie brings you all the way back to when you were a kid and became awed at the spectacle of a giant bronze statue come to life, blue demon harpies attacking a blind man, or skeleton warriors come to life to battle the crew of the Argo. Back then, I wouldn't have known the first thing about Ray Harryhausen, but his genius at producing special effects have become legendary, during a time when CGI simply didn't exist. I still marvel at the patience and fortitude necessary to produce those claymation effects, filmed frame by frame with infinitesimal changes to the models to produce the desired results. Simply extraordinary.

The story progresses under the watchful eyes of Olympian gods and goddesses, and as such, the story is a neat introduction to mythological characters like Zeus and Hera. I thought the story dropped the ball though when Poseidon wasn't mentioned by name as the savior of the Argonauts at the Clashing Rocks. Another thing that seemed odd to me was the idea that Hercules looked pretty much like any other run of the mill Greek as part of the crew. I wouldn't have expected Steve Reeves or Gordon Scott, but actor Nigel Green appeared just a bit too ordinary to be one of the world's strongest men. But then again, it was Todd Armstrong's show in the title role of Jason, so you wouldn't want to have him upstaged by a champion bodybuilder.

Apparently the film was situated in a way to follow up with a sequel; Jason never made it back to Thessaly to confront Pelias (Douglas Wilmer), and Zeus's (Nial MacGinnis) words to Hera (Honor Blackman) went by the wayside at the end of the story when he said "Let us continue the game another day." But even so, the picture stands as a decent fantasy adventure for fans of the genre, with special effects that hold up more than a half century since the movie was made.

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