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Julie Benz as Marcie
Judy Greer as Fern
Rose McGowan as Courtney
Carol Kane as Ms. Sherwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Pulaski 8 / 10

A sweet kind of teen comedy

Jawbreaker is a copy of a copy. It takes plot points from Heathers, Carrie, and uses some originals of it's own to create itself. It's not a bad film. Actually one of the better teen films I have seen recently. It reminds me of a much more recent film I saw a few months back called Mean Girls. Of course that came five years later. This one has all very beautiful, and perky actresses that flood the screen at one time, much like Mean Girls. But Mean Girls was a film that was much more tame and lit the screen up. This one falls under a dark comedy.

Let me just say I love Rebecca Gayheart. I had a childhood crush on her, and she's probably the reason for my love behind Santa's Slay. She's gorgeous, one of the most beautiful and underrated actresses in the business today. She gets a promising, and an effective role in this film. From her constant beauty on screen, to her sassy ways in the later parts of the film, she finds ways to surprise me. Very worthy, respectable part for her.

The plot is about three teen girls named Courtney (McGowan), Marcie (Benz), and Julie (Gayheart) who, as a birthday prank, gag their friend Liz with a jawbreaker, and throw her in the trunk of their car. They drive for a brief time, before stopping at a diner, and opening the trunk to realize she is dead. She had swallowed the giant jawbreaker, and now the girls realize their stunt has gone wrong.

To avoid trouble, Courtney calls Liz in sick, and they go to school like normal. Courtney (pretending to be Liz's mother) on the phone to give one of the girls Liz's homework for the day. The principal gives Courtney the homework, which she forgets, and another student named Fern Mayo (Judy Greer), a nerdy bookworm, is sent with Liz's homework. Fern absolutely adores Liz and her beauty, so upon arriving to Fern's house and entering, she finds the girls trying to cover up Liz's corpse with a faulty rape story.

Fern now knows a secret that shouldn't have been told. She has the power of blackmail. Courtney assures the crew that Fern will become the missing link in the "Flawless Four". They give Fern an amazing makeover, which she quickly takes to her head. Who could blame her? This is her first time she's been noticed. She's bound to let the newly given makeover get blown out of proportion. In the meantime, Courtney rejects Julie because of her wanting to do the right thing, and not take Fern for granted. Courtney basically says "you're out bitch!" and shuns her out of the picture. Courtney, Marcie, and Fern (now Vylette) are on their own. Hiding from a dark secret.

Upon it's release, Jawbreaker was met with negative reception because of it's dim-witted cast and copycat like plot. While it does sample from other movies, like stated above, it finds ways to be unique and clever. It throws in some original material of it's own. I love movies about teenage girls. Not just coming-of-age films, but films where high school girls are their own worst enemy. Where they are both the protagonist and the antagonist. What fun these movies bring! Starring: Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz, Judy Greer, Ethan Erickson, Carol Kane, Pam Grier. Directed by: Darren Stein.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Breaking other things too

Something Busta Rhymes was singing about (and probably other musicians) ... but 90s references aside (which you know makes sense since the movie was made back then), this is a really good dark comedy. Not sensational and will not go down into the classic Hall of Fame or anything, but one of those movies you can watch and enjoy.

Really nice cast too. Julie Benz is probably the one most recognize now, although Rose had a very "charming" TV role she could play with too. Apart from that, there is Judy Greer in a very different role ... for her at least. But she pulls it off. And I think she's pretty no matter what anyway. Not just another teenage movie then ...

Reviewed by mistoppi 8 / 10

I want more!

Jawbreaker gave me the feeling of high school comedy meeting a exploitation b-movie, kinda like Mean Girls meets Death proof, or Heathers meets Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! I wasn't entirely wrong, even though I don't think I can compare Jawbreaker with either Death Proof of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Heathers is such a cult movie on its own, it's easy to compare Jawbreaker with it. Both involve bitchy high school girls, murder and dark humour.

I find myself loving these kind of movies with black humour. They are stupid, absolutely, but for some reason they are absolutely hilarious. You just know people are going to hate the movie, and it's just part of the fun.

The story is horrible yet so absurd it's almost funny. Of course the kidnapping gone wrong seems highly unlikely, yet it also feels plausible. I feel like I should be telling my friends not to try to kidnap me for my birthday. The characters aren't written so well, but they are fun. They are the typical archetypes of high school movies. Rose McGowan plays the most devious high school bitch I've ever seen in a film, and Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz and Judy Greer all pose as different kind of characters of the same type. I would've loved to see more of some characters, especially Vera Cruz portrayed by Pam Grier. When I saw her, I thought her part was going to be bigger. I was disappointed.

The dialogue in Jawbreaker was just as good as in Heathers. It isn't actually realistic, because the language is extremely colourful, and no one would say several lines from this movie out loud because it wouldn't sound good in any context. But it works in a movie.

There are so many details in this movie I love, but one thing I have to mention is the effects when the scene changes. Like the whole movie, they are stupid, but that's part of Jawbreaker's charm.

If I had to recommend few songs from the soundtrack of Jawbreaker, I'd say Bad Word For A Good Thing by The Friggs and (Let the) Good Times Roll by The Cars. All the songs were well chosen and they worked. And some of the songs (especially the two mentioned) are like they could be straight from my music library. I love it when this happens while watching a movie.

Jawbreaker is stupid but in a funny way. It's obviously dark, so if you have the tendency to get angry at the jokes being too dark for you to enjoy them, then don't bother. I love this film and I want more!

Am I horrible if I wanted this to be more violent?

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