2017 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 89%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1315

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Karin Viard as Nathalie Pécheux
Anaïs Demoustier as Mélanie Pick

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Reviewed by writers_reign 8 / 10

Behind The Hate Ball

It's possible that sooner or later Karin Viard will sign up for a film and then fail to enhance it, will bring nothing to the project and by extension will fail to provoke laughter and/or tears from me. I am not, hoever, holding my breath waiting. It's true of course that I have not watched every dingle film in which Ms Viard has appeared but I have seen a good 80-85% and have never not been moved one way or the other. She's nothing if not versatile and that helps, of course. At the risk of giving the impression that she carries the film on her back let me quickly sprinkle virtually all the cast with a residue of praise. This is a case of one character alienating every one in her orbit not least her own daughter and yet still able to retain their warmth toward her. It's yet another fine movie from an industry that specialises in high quality.

Reviewed by limeberry7 7 / 10

It's pretty good

While there is a certain degree of predictability, the movie is quite enjoyable and entertaining. Karin Viard is indisputably a fantastic actress who can make anything shine - she is great here. The film deals with emotional and mental instability caused by the main character's premenopausal condition. She is jealous and resentful of anything good that happens in lives of her family members, co-workers and friends, and she sabotages the happiness of all of them and consequently alienating them . I do not know many films, if any, that deal with this rather heavy subject matter that is quite real but in such a delightful and light way. There is just the right amount of comedy and drama to make you want to know how the main character gets out of the mess she made.

Reviewed by MadamWarden 3 / 10


A meh movie where a middle aged woman goes nuts, is extremely bitter, acerbic and pretty much evil, then miraculously becomes normal again. In a nutshell. Not much else to it.

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