Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy: We've Been Thinking



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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dlarocco-76699 5 / 10

Jeff was phenomenal

Once Jeff finishes his bit turn it off you'll thank me later. Larry the Cable Guy was off his game in this one throwing out a line of random nonsense jokes. The bit on global warming was terrible and troubling. He had no clue what he was talking about and gave the uneducated American explanation. This wasn't even The worst part. The good new Jeff Foxworthy was on his game and you'll have a number of good laughs. It was a classic Foxworthy performance. You'll have to check out. As for Larry I was shocked because usually his routines are at a minimum decent I think i only laughed once during his whole 30 mins. Still a fan but no where near what I was used to.

Reviewed by gjenevieve 6 / 10

Just Watch Jeff Foxworthy

If this had been just a Jeff Foxworthy comedy special, I would have given this show a 9/10 rating. Jeff Foxworthy is the first one to come out and he does the first half of the show. His material was fresh and very funny. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him.

Then, Jeff Foxworthy leaves the stage and Larry the Cable Guy comes out. The very first thing he starts off with is a bit on Git-R-Done. I think I mildly chuckled only twice during his whole routine. I was very disappointed and kept wishing that the show had either already ended when Jeff Foxworthy was done or that Jeff would come back out and finish the show. At one point during Larry the Cable Guy's routine, they panned out to the audience and showed Jeff Foxworthy sitting there. He was not laughing. That got me wondering if he actually thinks that Larry the Cable Guy is funny. I know I sure didn't find him to be very amusing.

My recommendation is that you watch the show up until the point where Jeff Foxorthy's routine is done. Then stop watching. It is not worth your time. I almost stopped watching after a few minutes into Larry the Cable Guy's routine, but I kept waiting and hoping that it would get better. It didn't.

Reviewed by billsoccer 7 / 10

Need fresh writers

I agree that Jeff's segment was by far the better of the 2. However, this was the first time he went 'low' - stooped to poop and sexual humor. He was funny, because - well - he's still Foxworthy, but not nearly as funny as in any of his previous specials. However Larry had so few chuckles that the rating would have been much lower had Jeff not been on the stage (but wait for the segment starting with the Grocery store and Grandpa jokes - from that point on, he's funny).

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