Jesus, Mary and Joey


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jhmnetwork 7 / 10

Faith-Based Fun

Thank God (no irony) that the producers of this film wisely decided to change it's title from the off-putting Jesus, MARY AND JOEY to the more enigmatic WELCOME BACK MISS MARY. An overtly religious film that does not discomfit by being heavy-handed, WELCOME BACK MISS MARY was written by the star, Vincent Pagano, and may well be the story of his own spiritual journey.

Mary (the lovely Marley Shelton) socially resurfaces after a long absence. As it turns out, the former "scary Mary" is now a cancer survivor, and attributes much of her recovery to her faith in God. She witnesses her faith by working with young cancer patients. Although Mary is Born Again, she wants to experience life in all its facets and fullness.

Vivacious, sexy and sweet, she captures the heart of Joey (Vincent Pagano), a local boy from a staunchly, energetically Italian family. Joey's colorful, riotous family is the exact opposite of Mary's, who are straitlaced to the point of painfulness.

As Joey's feelings for Mary grow, he adopts a kind of shrill religiosity that grates badly on his friends and family, and takes a Wall Street job offered to him by Mary's disapproving father, both to give the boy a leg up in life and to separate him from Mary. Made unhappy by his choices and the circumstances of his life, Joey experiences a crisis of faith.

Vincent Pagano' script is touching, funny and wistful, as well as being utterly sincere. Joey's (and Mary's) respective questions of faith are well-addressed here and never become leaden, not least of all because Mary lacks any pretentiousness or self-righteousness. She merely believes---questions the why, but has faith in the how of the universe.

This reviewer is generally not a fan of religious-based programming but enjoyed this film, so take that as a definite endorsement.

For a "little" film, WELCOME BACK MISS MARY has a stellar cast which includes Stacy Keach, Charles Durning, Olympia Dukakis, and of course the aforementioned Vincent Pagano and Marley Shelton.

Reviewed by pamcox 10 / 10

A very pleasant surprise

I had never heard of this movie and happened upon it. I was strangely drawn to it and found it very sweet and endearing. I enjoyed the storyline and was moved by the fact that, although the characters are all different and at times argumentative, they learn to accept one another and their differences. As a Chrsitian, I enjoyed the fact that we can embrace our differences; we have the same common goal. I thought it was definitely watchable and hope to see it again and share it with others. It is very refreshing to see a movie written by a young man, that contains this sort of content. I also appreciated that he didn't write the characters to seem perfect, yet flawed as they are, they are lovable.

Reviewed by rlockh02 8 / 10

Steller cast in a wonderful romantic comedy

Jesus, Mary and Joey played at the Kansas Film Festival on 09/11/05. I guess this film has been sitting on the shelf for a while but it was delightful. Steller cast which includes Jennifer Esposito, Charles Durning, Tess Harper, Olympia Dukakis, Dan Lauria, Jason Gedrick, Stacy Keach and others. A wonderful Romantic comedy with a close knit Italian-American family, the Vitellos youngest son Joey falling in love with a fundamentalist WASP-y girl Mary played by Marley Shelton (nice to see her again). This is a religious romantic comedy that asks questions about faith, hope and love. Joey meets Mary and starts questioning his Catholic faith. Mary who went though a serious illness when she was younger starts questioning her religion (not her faith). Her father played by Stacey Keach puts the "fun" in fundamental but isn't all that helpful. I usually don't like films about religion but this is something special. Both Mary and Joey learn that faith and love matter, not dogma. And the course of true love (both with each other and God) never runs smooth. Wonderful film and the photography is beautiful. See it and you'll have good Karma.

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