JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morganmckinley 10 / 10

Stone deserves tremendous credit. Great documentary.

Unless you still think the media is on the level, then your eyes are wide enough to know it's a card trick they've been playing for years to deceive the public. And the Assassination of JFK is exhibit 1.

For 64 years they've pushed the government's ludicrous story of the BS Warren Commission and jokes of human beings they prop up like Posner who support that idiotic story.

The truth is we don't know exactly what happened but anyone who has taken the time to investigate it well enough, especially with documents and interviews online, they'll see too many questions unanswered or lied about to know LHO certainly had intelligence connections and we'll very likely never know who pulled the trigger.

Whether you like JFK or not, the assassination led to many of the problems we face today and needs to be answered. Oliver Stone deserves tremendous credit for keeping these questions in the public eye.

God Bless America...

Reviewed by michealcordova 10 / 10


The bullet that hit Connolly did not go through jfk, he said 100xs that it was a different bullet. That being said, only says that there was multiple shooters in dealy plaza that day. Not to mention all the cover up plus the botch autopsy? Ruby knowing LHO? The finger print on a box by the sniper window belonged to a Malcom Wallace, who was LBJ personal Hitman. The notes destroyed by the police and the med examiner. Jfk death is still unsolved. Congress needs to open all files to this Case. Enough already.

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