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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

Isn't that what we all want? Freedumb...

This stand-up comedian act is definitely not for everyone, because his material is somewhat of an acquired taste I think.

I did, however, enjoy his stand-up show and I was more than genuinely entertained throughout the entire show

"Jim Jefferies: Freedumb" had lots of good jokes. And Jim Jefferies is great at delivering his jokes and punchlines, just as he has a very potent on-stage appearance.

This 2016 show is, for me, one of his better performances. And if you aren't already familiar with the work of Jim Jefferies, then you should definitely start of with watching this show to get into his sick and often twisted sense of humor. But be prepared to travel to some very dark and questionable places.

Well worth the time, money and effort.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 10 / 10

Jim Jefferies for President!

Jim Jefferies is really funny. The kinda guy that could be my best friend. Hearing him in this show is like hearing me think outloud. The only thing that is even more funny then this show is the bad reviews on here by the dumb frustrated republicans. They just can't stand that someone is making fun of all their illogical and unjust thinking and way of life. I even wonder why a republican would watch one of his shows? They must be masochists, deep down in their secret basement. Freedumb is just hilarious, made me laugh for the entire show. I do respect the Americans that can take a joke on their country, not all of them are assholes. Like my wife, that is an American, she has a good sense of humor. I will always laugh when people like Jim Jefferies make fun about religious people, gun control, or Donald Trump. I can only applaud him doing that in the USA, and in this case in Nashville. You have to have some balls to make fun of the way of living and thinking in America, aspecially in Nashville. But the audience was laughing and having a good time, and that's a proof that not everybody is a redneck gun wielding Trump lover in Nashville and that's a good thing. Nothing beats sarcasm and Jim Jefferies is the king.

Reviewed by cordenw 3 / 10

He ain't no Jim Davidson

When humour is about anger it's hard to be funny and Jim Jefferies fails more than he succeeds in this dragging special.

Look Jim, if you want to do something funny about a politician like Donald Trump, don't turn off half your audience by telling them they are dumb for voting for him. They have just as much right and just as many reasons to vote for him as you do for someone else.

There's a motherlode of material you can use to parody his personal idiosyncrasies so you don't have to insult anybody but him to get your laughs.

For example , I think he's a badly educated buffoon but a crafty and cunning businessman. I like some of the decisions he has made and I happen to think that he's infinitely smarter than Biden (although that's not a difficult level to achieve)....... but does that make me an idiot?

No it just makes me a person with a different opinion!

Jefferies can have some funny moments and he's got a lot of balls to get up and do what he does but he wears off very quickly and I wouldn't ever bother to go and see him in a show or search the streaming channels for another of his specials.

You could learn a lot from Jim Davidson, he knows how to work a touchy issue into something funny .. maybe watch some of his stuff to improve your act.

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