Jim Jefferies: I Swear to God



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wyattearp92 10 / 10

Absolutely Hilarious

I started laughing as soon as the show started. Jim is a very talented comedian and he pushes the limits of comedy to the max. Steer clear of this guy if you are easily offended or religious, he hits religion like a freight train. Personally, realizing that this particular show is rated TV-MA for a reason, I was prepared for some things that I may not like and was OK with that unlike some of the other reviewers who complain about being offended...(it's MA for a reason, if you're gonna cry about it, don't watch instead of whining online later} However, it turns out I have a lot of the same views as Jefferies and was literally in tears the entire time. If you like a comedian who pushes buttons and tags every single subject nobody else dares, Jim will easily be your new favorite comedian. Two Thumbs Up.

Reviewed by TheBearisHERE 10 / 10

Insanely funny!

The famous Australian comedian Jim Jefferies shows himself up on this HBO special and what's the result we get?

A comedy that's so funny you will most likely be unable to stop laughing for the whole hour it lasts.

And yes, I'll admit. I cried! :D

Whether he jokes about religions, sex, porn, sluts or his childhood experiences you just can't stop admiring this man.

He holds up no words, has no boundaries and does absolutely anything he wants.

What a great comedian - a complete opposite of Will Farrel and his latest pathetic George Bush show.

Reviewed by pablocabron 10 / 10

Excellent comedy

Be warned, this guy isn't for everyone. In fact, I'd say he's probably more often than not going to offend people than make them laugh.

Personally, I find him hilarious. I've seen him live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he was pure genius. And it's not just a 'guy' thing, either. My girlfriend thinks he's one of the funniest comedians she's ever seen!

This show is typical for his style though he was holding back a little at the start and built up to a great finale :) I wasn't sure what an American audience would make of him, to be honest, but he seems to have broken through the dross that normally surrounds a yank's humour gland. He's certainly very different to the usual 'average' comedian they'd get over there like Chris Rock, for example. I mean, they're quite funny but they just don't let rip like Jim :-D

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