Jim Norton: Monster Rain



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 478

stand-up comedy stand

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Isaac5855 9 / 10

Smart, Rude,Crude, and Raucously Funny!

Jim Norton, the talented stand-up comedian who had a supporting role on the now defunct HBO comedy LUCKY LOUIE, made an impressive concert debut on HBO with his first comedy concert, JIM NORTON: MONSTER RAIN, in which Norton covers a wide variety of subjects,including some that are rarely broached by stand-up comics and he does it with complete confidence and without fear of repercussion. Norton is a bold and raunchy comic (this special is not for kids)has a way with a comic phrase and has an uncanny ability for using adult language and material for ultimate effect. He covers a broad range of topics including gay sex, terrorism, relationships, televised gambling and takes some marvelous jabs at celebrity obsession, taking stands on Brittany Spears, Don Imus, and Michal Richards among others. Norton keeps the punch lines coming at a quick pace,apologizing for the occasional dud and, thankfully, doesn't spend a lot of time laughing at himself. He has enough confidence in his material and his delivery that he allows us to do the laughing, and believe me, I did and you will. A winner.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 9 / 10

totally wrong and disgusting material, but performed with a boyish glee

Jim Norton performs outrageous material, but I'd be hard-pressed to find someone of his raunchy ilk who says "silly goose" more than once during a show. He's a supporting member of the Opie & Anthony radio program usually, but also does some of the craziest stand-up comedy that you've never seen before. His special Monster Rain covers territory involving current affairs, celebrities, racism, and then, finally, lots and lots of sex. Amazingly one laughs when he offers up the wish that someone would use a crying infant as a bomb on a plane, or talks about orally raping Ann Coulter, cause it's just that funny the way he does it. At the same time he rattles off on what makes him the most disgruntled and peeved and nervous about a lot of things, his attitude is almost enthusiastic. His comedy is enjoyable for all the wrong reasons, and for the right audience- for those looking for a new shot of adrenaline in the stand-up world- he's a breath of fresh, filthy air.

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 7 / 10

Filthy funny.

Jim Norton, a comedian I never heard of, is a slow starter, at least in this show (it was my first so I can't compare). I didn't know what to think in the beginning, there were some good jokes but he looked a bit insecure at first. But the more his stand-up comedy evolves the better it gets. His material is getting rawer and harder but that's what he's best at. At first his stage presence looked a bit woody but towards the end the mimicing was much better and fitted his jokes perfectly. It was a good hour of fun, filthy fun.

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