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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 1 / 10

Unwritten Contract Broken

I too am surprised at the good reviews of this movie. This Princess in a strange land plot did not have a happy ending! The trust has been broken! Everyone knows that there is an unwritten contract between Christmas Movie makers and viewers that Christmas Movies have to have a happy ending. This would never happen on Hallmark, Ion, Up, Bet, or Hallmark Movies and Mysteries! To spell it out, The princess came back, not to renounce her crown or find another way to Marry the commoner and be a mother to his little girl, but to invite him to a party in her country. That. Is. It. They will not have a future together! Unless there is a sequel.

Reviewed by Racingphan2 5 / 10

GAC Family movie dud.

I guess I'm lucky that on our cable, GAC Family isn't on in HD. It made this slog of a movie easier to swallow.

Merritt Patterson has been on the other side of many Christmas movies about royalty, and some were very entertaining. This time, she is the royal from some never heard of foreign country. And she uses the worst English accent ever.

This movie is flat, the acting is tragically bad, and I never want to watch anything on this network again.

Reviewed by gfrasmd 8 / 10

Gentle, belle princess.

Let's concede that the plot is simple and the story totally farfetched. Also, let's accept that Royalties, from whichever, faraway land in the world, must speak with a British accent. Then, let's not wonder that intimidating, powerful people could hide a heart of a lamb. Why not? This is how fairy tales go. The magic rests, precisely, in their innocence and simplicity. Merritt Patterson is just perfect for the role of a beautiful, gentle princess. Trevor Donovan is right into character as man with rough edges and a heart of gold. The entire little Maine town and its people create a comfy, warm background. So, it,s Christmas time! It's allowed to be young-at heart and enjoy the tale. The show will not surprise you, nor shock your senses. Yet, it may leave you feeling good inside. Thank you, GAC, for keeping it simple and kind!

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