Jingles the Clown



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 2 / 10

Another Waste of Time

Yet another direct to video piece of garbage.

Open with a John Wayne Gacy clown impersonator, which immediately tells you the level of creativity you are gonna see.

We all know the drill on these films. They put all the production money into the titles and then it starts and it sucks.

And why is it in all these movies when the villain tapes himself, its in B&W? what video camera has a B&W monitor these days? None?

None since the 90s.

The movie rambles on with really bad direction and worse acting.

Needless to say, there really isn't any coherent script.

The Story

Angela Nelson returns home to the place where she witnessed her family slaughtered by the notorious killer clown, Mr. Jingles.

Accompanied by a team of paranormal experts, they set out to prove the grounds are not haunted by the long-dead ghost of Mr. Jingles.

But they will soon find out they are wrong.


Reviewed by GretaWitchmore 1 / 10

Manages to be worse than the original

MCN is an ex Con who took the money and ran. Now T-dog is "boning" a beautiful woman 30 years his junior and younger than his marriage. MCN is living the street life and unable to make it. Its all a disaster but T-dog is living high. Watch and see if MCN can get out of this ok without ending up in prison.

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