Jiu Jitsu


Action / Fantasy

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Nicolas Cage as Wylie
Frank Grillo as Harrigan
Tony Jaa as Kueng
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ginocox-206-336968 4 / 10

Good fights but fails to deliver on promise of premise

Jiu Jitsu (2020), not surprisingly, offers a lot of scenes of martial arts combat which are well choreographed and well executed by performers who are experts in their own right, including Tony Jaa, Alain Moussi, and JuJu Chan. However, it does not deliver on what Blake Snyder would have called the promise of the premise. It feels more like a cinematic version of a video game than a martial arts film. No novice acquires skills under the tutelage of a martial arts master, as in films ranging from The Karate Kid to Kill Bill. The protagonist doesn't really use jiu jitsu to defeat the villain. Many confrontations are not one-on-one or hand-to-hand. There is no real discussion of the philosophical or spiritual aspects. Nobody spends much time training. None of the characters seem to grow. The romantic B-story is flimsy and unconvincing.

Instead, we are given a team of elite martial arts experts, each of whom uses a different weapon: tonfa, sword, nunchaku, shuriken, staff, throwing knives, et cetera, except for the protagonist, who occasionally uses an opponent's firearm or other weapon, but quickly discards it.

The movie has aliens, space portals, a CIA plot, radiation levels, and an alien with some sort of Predator-like cloaking. However, the plot is somewhere between incoherent and nonexistent. Production values are more than adequate. The actors do as well as can be expected with the roles and dialogue they're given. The fight choreography is good and boosted by exemplary execution. Yet the film is not very satisfying and certainly not cathartic.

Reviewed by mariusar 6 / 10

It sure as hell ain't PREDATOR, but still fine for some laughs...Plus Nic Cage battling a martial arts space alien? Come on! Gotta give it a watch...

To chevolek: way too harsh and this film is no way a 1* effort. You're just mad for some reason or you simply haven't seen enough actual trash 1* films.

This movie is at least a competently executed popcorn guilty pleasure romp.

Yes, excessive stylized comic book martial arts.

Yes, cheesy but not vomit-inducing CGI.

Yes, there are about a million better martial arts or sci fi films out there.

But really...how many actual sci-fi/martial arts mashups? The One? Timecop? The Golden Child? The Last Dragon? Big Trouble In Little China?

OK, those last few are more fantasy/martial arts, but still....

Nice to see Nic, Grillo, Jaa and Yune all the same.

Arnie's not sweating but this one is digestable fare with the right mindset.

An OK 6....YMMV....

Reviewed by El_Jefe 1 / 10

Absolute garbage

I don't mind hokey, contrived plots if the action's good. But the action isn't good.

This movie is a complete waste of time. Go watch some old Jackie Chan movies if you want great fights, or old John Woo flicks for brilliant, original fight choreography. Don't waste your time on this garbage.

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