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Elden Henson as Andy Hertzfeld
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Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs
J.K. Simmons as Arthur Rock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gasboz 9 / 10

Not what the audience wanted, but still an amazing movie

Apple is currently the highest net worth company in the world and to own any of the Apple gadgets has become a status symbol. Steve Jobs is an idol, a revolutionary and an inspiration to the millions of people who want to change the world. After his death, his legendary status grew even more (as it always does with passed away celebrities), so it is perfectly reasonable that there were high expectations for this movie. People were expecting a grand masterpiece of epic proportions about a man who many want to relate to and who many want to be.

Unfortunately, the movie took a slightly different turn and the result of this can be seen on the IMDb movie score. This movie is not an epic journey of a strange protégé who eventually achieved everything there was to achieve and was carried on the arms of a cheering crowd at the end, followed by the end credits. NO! This is a movie about Jobs - about his personality, about his decisions, about his victories and about his failures. It is a cruel representation of what you have to go through in this world to achieve the status that he now has.

It's a movie about a troubled hipster who wanted to learn and to achieve something, but hated the system into which the young are thrown into. He dropped out of College but still attended some classes, he got into fights at work because he would yell at his coworkers that they were not doing their job, he took other peoples ideas, remade them into a story and sold them with his speeches and he wanted all. He was stubborn, he always wanted the impossible and here comes the part that made him a legend: he always got the impossible out of people.

Eventually he was driven from his company, he made bad calls, bad decisions, bad products, but later came back and dominated the computer scene again. He probably had more bad moments than good, but it's the good ones that count...and it's the good ones that changed the world.

The people didn't get what they wanted...they didn't get a people's hero nor the man that was always right. And no one wants to see a movie about a man who nobody liked half of the movie...but it is how he was and you have to accept that.

Ashton Kutcher's portrayal was also quite good and it seems that all the comedy movies and series that he has done have earned him a title of a bad actor, so you will hear a lot people saying this was a miss cast. Don't believe this people: go see the movie and make up your own mind.

So don't be discouraged by the low IMDb ranking and see this movie with expectations of a great movie about a man who was an inventor, a visionary, a man who changed the world, but was still only that: a man, nothing more, nothing less.

P.s. Don't expect to see any modern products in this movie. At the beginning, you will only briefly get to see the first generation Ipod, while other products are all the ones from the era before 1996. The movie actually ends in 1996, so many are disappointed that the movie did not show the era of Ipod's, Ipad's, Iphone's and Macbook's.

Reviewed by cnkaufmann 3 / 10

"Jobs" could have been "insanely great" but instead gives a lackluster glance at the highlights and lowlights of Steve Jobs' life.

"Jobs" could have been "insanely great" but instead gives a lackluster glance at the highlights and low lights of Steve Jobs' life.

While the film is factually accurate from the events cited and statements Steve Jobs made down to the realism of the characters appearances, it lacked character development and a cohesive story. It is well cast and well acted. However, with major events being presented in the film like news headlines, there is no story justifying their existence. Steve Jobs is portrayed giving repeated quoted monologues instead of engaging in real dialog between himself and his co-workers to illustrate the chemistry of their relationships that lead to their success.

Since 1982 I spent most of my adult life using Apple's products, writing thousands of lines of code on the Apple II computer and reading every news story about Apple. The film fails to capture the grueling work and the pride programmers and engineers feel for designing cutting edge hardware and software to create Apple's superior computers and software.

For such a prolific inventor and complex man that Steve Jobs was, I am surprised that a veteran director like Ron Howard or Steven Spielberg didn't direct this. I really wanted to know how Steve Jobs' father-in-law inspired him and instilled in him his drive for perfection. I wanted to learn how Steve started iTunes and invented the iPod. These were not in the movie.

There are many key events in Apple's history the film omitted that were crucial to understanding Apple's success. Steve's idea for the Mac originated with his engineer, Jef Raskin, showing him a prototype bitmapped GUI of Alto computer at the Xerox PARC think tank in 1979. It had the first personal desktop interface of windows, icons, menus and a mouse, a major advancement over the millions of existing command driven PC's in the market using green screen monitors with mono-spaced fonts of 40 characters by 24 lines. Jobs was immediately convinced the Alto interface is the direction Apple Computer must go, so he bought it from Xerox and designed the Lisa and, later the Macintosh on this concept. The film omitted this visit to Xerox.

There was fierce competition in the personal computer industry. A decades-old storied rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs began in 1985, one year after the Mac debuted. Except for one scene in the film, this rivalry was completely omitted from it. Jobs' was irate that Gates stole Apple's graphic user interface (GUI) from the Macintosh but the film fails to show how this happened. Jobs previously went to Microsoft to hire Bill Gates to write business software (Word, Multiplan, etc.) to enable Apple to sell its new Macintosh computer. In doing so, Microsoft learned how Apple's GUI worked, reverse engineered it and created a similar interface for Microsoft's new Windows operating system to work on the existing millions of IBM computers running Microsoft's Disk Operating System (MS DOS). Microsoft would compete directly against Apple Computer. Though the film does portray Steve Jobs as a disciplinarian, a perfectionist and temperamental, it never shows why he was this way.

The film was remiss of major events and details needed to explain Apple's success story. Jobs got his start in electronics working for Hewlett-Packard after calling founder William Hewlett on the phone at his home. Jobs met Wozniak at HP. And, Jobs used "The HP Way" as a blueprint for starting Apple Computer. Steve Jobs' miraculous turnaround of Apple from near bankrupt to profitable in three years and to the world's largest company in 13 years, business leaders consider the biggest ever success story in the history of American business. How the film could leave out this turnaround (inventing the highly successful iMac, PowerPC, iPod, iTunes and iPhone) is astonishing. Even before coming back to Apple, Jobs re-invented Pixar animation after buying The Graphics Group from George Lucas, revolutionizing animated movies for Disney that were created on NeXT graphics workstations (the most advanced in existence) that Steve Jobs invented. This, too, was omitted from the film.

In one of his biographies, Steve Jobs explains succinctly how the iPod epitomizes Apple Computer, "it combines Apple's incredible technology base with Apple's legendary ease of use with Apple's awesome design." This is the premise upon which "Jobs" should have been based. I recommend the film but with reservations.

Chris Kaufmann

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 8 / 10

A good biography

The story of Steve Jobs, a teen who drops college and with a team of friends, starts building the most revolutionary computer the world has ever seen. The development of Apple Computer, from a garage firm to a gigantic corporation is presented in detail along with Steve's complete change in personality. His life, with all its ups and downs, with all his right and wrong decisions regarding mostly his friends, with how he makes the same mistakes as the ones he accused in the past and how he loses his most prized possession and eventually gets it back, receives a lot of credit in this movie.

Unfortunately for me, it pays attention only to the beginning of his ascension, and too little to the final part of his life with what he had accomplished after his comeback. The conflict with Microsoft is also only briefly mentioned without detailing the following implications in that way. It is too superficial in this aspects so because of these, its rating lowers considerably. Besides them, the actors play a very good role in reenacting the life of Jobs, from their makeup to their impressive speeches. It's a good biography which focuses mainly on some aspects of history while neglecting others which are in my opinion, as significant as the beginning.

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