John Wick


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 510202


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Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 9 / 10

love this movie highly recommend

It's hard to find anything bad to say about John Wick. The action is beautifully choreographed, the setup is surprisingly emotional for an action flick, and Keanu.... What more is there to say? If you love action or even just like it you will be in for the ride of your life.

Reviewed by caalkaya 7 / 10

Keanu gets pissed and shoots people in the face for 101 minutes*

John Wick has a very simple, maybe even laughable plot. It is a typical guy takes his revenge movie. It can be easily summarized as "Keanu gets pissed and shoots people in the face for 101 minutes" but the thing is you actually can see it is really Keanu who is doing it. Instead of shaky cameras and dozens of superfast cuts, you can see kick-ass long takes which are amazingly choreographed. Since this is their first film, the director duo has a few problems with storytelling but I am glad that they made me realize how much I miss watching an action movie and actually see what's going on.

Reviewed by rambofan4life 9 / 10

Non-stop action movie about a new kick-ass action hero on his mission of vengeance

Yes I love John Wick to death it is a Non-stop action, I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan I love his movies. But John Wick from 2014 is one of my personal favorite action films of all time. It is bad-ass fast paced action revenge movie about a new kick-ass action hero one man army type. Directed was by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who both did well job done. The story, the action, the gun blaze action is all in here. Explosions heavy automatic weapons who are used well.

The only thing I did not like are the characters not all, but some of the characters I did not like in here and I did not care for. One of the reasons is why I have enjoy the sequel much more it was more creative and passed than the original John Wick. The was made for 20 million budget in 2014 and made 40 million in the US. Keanu Reeves, Adrianne Palicki, John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe and Michael Nyqvist R.I.P. did a good job playing their characters.

A retired assassin seeks vengeance against a mobster's son and his cronies for stealing his car and killing his puppy, a final gift from his deceased wife.

This is a revenge film about retired professional lethal assassin who retired years ago with honor for his wife. He made impossible job for Russian Gangster to get out. His wife died by a disease after the funeral John received a present a beautiful puppy from his wife. When sadistic young Russian thugs senselessly attack John Wick and kill his puppy and the last hope of redemption. John bury his puppy and armed him self like an one man army as Schwarzenegger Commando and goes after bad guys like a pure bad-ass he is. He kills all hit-mans who try to take him out until he get's the mobster son.

One of the best bad-ass action films of all time since 2014 the same time come out The Equalizer with Denzel Washington and that movie sucked I hated it. It was major disappointment John Wick proved it was no major disappointment but it was major improvement or lack of actions today. This movie was old school action with no shaky cam. So creativity in which in the movie is seen The Continental for members of the city's underworld. It is frequented by many hit-men and notorious murderers who live by code and rules in this hotel, if they break those rules, they die on horrible way and they are revoked. That is what I mean we see a world with assassins members who live in The Continental Hotel.

Keanu Reeves become new kick-ass action hero on his own mission of vengeance. I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan I love this movie to death, I love Keanu's performance and also Keanu does not want the movie become a spin off or series. This movie should have three movies so that trilogy will end well. I support Keanu Reeves so much from The Matrix movies, Speed, Constantine, Street Kings and John Wick both of the films I love those movies to death.

Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins was great villain as lethal assassin who was hired by Viggo Tarasov to kill John Wick that is one of the reasons why I love this film to death. The fight between Ms. Perkins and John Wick is bad-ass I love it. I love Ms. Perkins to death I love, love, love and admire Adrianne Palicki so much.

John Leguizamo had a little role in the movie but I like him and Willem Dafoe plays a lot of characters villains such a Green Goblin / Norman Osborn in Spider-Man and John Geiger in Speed 2: Cruise Control. Most memorable to me is Sgt. Elias in Platoon (1986) who plays a good guy and in this movie he plays Marcus a retired assassin and a friend of John Wick who saves John Wicks life.

I love the beautiful songs played in the movie Killing Strangers by Marilyn Manson feat Tyler Bates, In My Mind - M86 ft. Susie Q, Think by Kaleida, Who You Talkin' to Man? by Ciscandra Nostalghia it has beautiful songs in the movie I love. The movie has tons of action , multiple explosions and tons of bullets fired. The film wouldn't be an action movie without some action there is plenty of it. You see a lot of car chases and cars flying over cliff stunt-man is crazy driven a car in the movie.

John Wick is about entertaining action about a world of assassins who lives by the rules of The Continental is all about the action and it goes above and beyond in every respect. John Wick has the potential to be the next great action franchise. This is my personal favorite action film I would defiantly put between The Terminator and the Rambo movies. The original John Wick movie is a creative action revenge movie that goes beyond the limits. I wish we would get action movies like this more. I have this movie on Blu-ray disc in my collection.

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