Josie and the Pussycats


Comedy / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 21141

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Rosario Dawson as Valerie Brown
Tara Reid as Melody Valentine
Parker Posey as Fiona
Missi Pyle as Alexandra Cabot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martinwjordan 9 / 10

Prophecy in a fun rock film that deserves more attention and appreciation

It didnt do too well at launch because it was unfairly compared by Ebert as a Spice Girls movie clone. Unfair and damaging. He was nearly 60 - this wasn't a film for him and he didn't have the foresight this film had to see where teenage pop culture was going. Watch this now and you think - "how did they know?" - the tongue in cheek parody of the music industry and teen marketing is amusingly encapsulated in a film with good rock tunes and a stereotypical fun, teen storyline.

I think this film failed because people thought it would be more loyal to the comic / cartoon but it tried to be a bit more clever than that. Sadly, the audience at the time were not ready for that. Look at comic to movie executions and you see the same sarcasm and self deprecation that this exudes.

Also, Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Cook & Rosario Dawson do a grand job as the leads and Alan Cumming hams it up wonderfully.

Also - DuJour - on the money.

Reviewed by keithbrown-90195 9 / 10

Ahead of Its Time

I can't believe this movie was made in 2001. It seriously has a sense of humor that feels so modern. You can just picture the memes and gifs that would come from this nowadays.

Anyways, the plot is absurd, but pretty funny. The music is catchy. The characters are ridiculous and the villains are amazing. Only thing that holds this back from being a perfect movie is Tara Reid. They needed a smart actor to play someone so dumb, but, you know, it's just Tara Reid being Tara Reid..

Reviewed by tea-16 7 / 10

Gets better with time

First of all - this is not a meaningful movie. But it wasn't meant to be. I hate it when I hear critics slam a movie mainly because it doesn't fit into their favorite "Type" of movie. Some movies are made to sit through wincing - leaving you sore emotionally and some are light silly goofball creations that wont change the world, but sure are nice to just zone out with.

This movie will never turn Roger Ebert's crank...its silly and goofy and irrelevant....Its also over time revealing itself to have been at the time...subversive. This movie has a lot of little things about it that are becoming more relevant as the years wear on...

When this first came out I thought "An alright movie with catchy songs" This was before I myself got involved in the Music industry. After living through three bands and two contracts over ten years I would like to say this movie isn't as unrealistic as you may think. It is still a spoof, but close enough to reality to warrant another look. Originally waved away as being pure fluff I now find this movie creepily prophetic.

Since this movie was made we have witnessed the fall out of bands like Back street boys the breakdown of pop-stars like Brittany Spears and a slew of young actors & actresses separated from family & friends whose entire personalities have been written and designed by stylists and are seen battling like some weird "Fashionista" roman gladiators under the tutelage of sycophants and managers.

Media/pop culture, with its out of control emphasis on looks and weight over talent and personality, have resulted in actual government legislation regarding model weights and rampant anorexia amongst young starlets.

Musically there has been a huge increase in management interference (listen to Pink's first album regarding the pressures placed on a young singer to conform to a label's Vision) dictating how the artists shall look and act. If it hadn't been for the internet download revolution of Lime wire and such I think the Music industry would have happily continued to control what consumers were ALLOWED to buy and ALLOWED to see...

This movie was also made prior to the outing of "gay" boy band members Stephen Gately, Lance Bassit, Jordan Knight but the top selling song for the Boy Band "Du Jour" in this movie is the most homo-suggestive song I've ever heard. (Is it really called "In Through Your Back Door"?)

After all this fallout, the world of Josie & the Pussycats seems much less stupid to me.

Again...Not deep, but possibly prophetic...and fun to watch Just don't expect to feel moved. Its popcorn at its best - light and salty, not really a meal...its a snack and as that type of movie...shouldn't't be judged solely for its nutritional value... I'd rate it a 7

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