Journey from Greece

2017 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Drama / Music

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1869

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Bold and real

"Djam" is a new movie that runs for a bit over 1.5 hours and is a co-production between France, Greece and Turkey and these 3 countries also play a vital role in here. If you read the latter two, you could veryf well think, that it is a political film, but not at all. First things firstg though, here we have the most recent filmmaking effort by writer and director Tony Gatlif, a very renowned filmmaker who has been active for over 40 years now. And this film we got here clearly shows that he has not lost his touch. You could call it a bit of a light version of La Vie d'Adèle if you want as many subjects from that famous film are also included here. It is the journey of a young woman during the time when she meets a new friend while on a journey to Turkey where she is instructed to buy a piece of metal. That's a very fact-based summary, but there is a greatg deal of emotion in here from start to finish. Most of the scenes work pretty well and it definitely is a pretty authentic movie. The characters all have flaws, but these flaws somehow define them too and don't really take away from the audience's intention to care for what happens in the characters' lives and most of all in Djam's of course. Occasional sexual references will make this a nice watch for straight male audiences, but also for homosexual female audiences, maybe even more so for these. The good thing though is that these references never, not once feel for the sake of it, but as essential in depicting the characters and elaborating on them and depicting who they are and why they are the way they are. Both Patakia and Cayon turn this into a spectacular watch at times, also in the more subtle moments. These best moments are when the film certainly deserves a better rating than 6 out of 10 and I was actually not too far away from giving it an 8. Maybe on rewtach at some point, we will see. But I can see myself very well in the position to give this one another go in the near future. It's also a fairly good road movie in my opinion. Gatlif did a very good job here in pretty much all departments. I had some struggles with really appreciating the 3 or 4 music scenes, including the one at the very beginning, but this one gives agood insight already in who Djam is the more I think about it and the other music scenes are also growing on my by the hour. This is certainly a very creative little movie and I applaud everybody who was a part of it. Go check it out, oh yes, it is probably a film that females will like a bit more than males because they will perhaps identify to some extent with the duo at the core of the story, otr at least one of them, and there are also several very females-based scenes if you want to call them that. Of course, this should by no means be understood that males should skip the watch here. I am one myself and let me assure you, you will most likely like what you see, maybe love some of it even. So don't miss out. without a doubt, I give this one a thumbs-up.

Reviewed by ayhansalamci 7 / 10


"Sadness remind us the important of happiness in our life. Sadness also give us the opportunity to ask for change and provide a better way of living" He transferred the Turkish and Greek similarities very well. Congratulations. I've seen good acting. I really liked this movie.

Reviewed by catmancool 9 / 10


Haven't seen anything quite like this before. Every plot description I have read focuses on one aspect to the neglect of the others. So here is my take.

First and foremost it is a travel adventure. Through sutile prodding and familiarity, the viewer quickly becomes Djam's travel companion, even more so than Avril, in her mini-Odyssey which takes her from the Greek Island of Lesbos, to Istanbul, over the land border back into Greece (with a wave to Bulgaria). Along the way, the ancient rugged beauty of it all is in full display.

Second, it is a madcap comedy, which draws its comedy not from slapstick, but from the ironic slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. At every bad turn, we are invited to take a path to negativity, but instead are dragged back onto our feet and onto lifetime's next adventure by the sheer joy exuded by Djam. She refuses to be beaten down, or let you be.

Third, this is a sort of Aegean musical. Djam has a for real serious music talent in her voice, play of instruments, and wild woman dancing. Anyone who has spent time with musicians or at folk festivals, will feel right at home. A modern liberated woman Zorba!

Fourth, it is also a cinematic dialectic focusing on where one draws the line, when balancing the thrills and fun in life against responsibility, respect, and lawfulness. Djam can't help but to be a good person, whatever traditional more's she may upset while living.

And finally, a word about Avril. We meet her early on, done dirty by her former boyfriend, and scowling at life as she tries to play through the bad hand fate has dealt her. Pulled into Djam's lifeboat, she isn't sure at first whether that's really a good thing. But she, like us, quickly becomes a fan, forgiving Djam's quirks and foibles. And her scowls give way to smiles.

Anyone who watches this and doesn't smile and chuckle most of the time hasn't suffered enough in life to know how the root for the underdog. I give it a 9, because the subtitles could have been done better.

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