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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hipcheck 10 / 10

A breakthrough in so many ways

Filmmakers are always trying to find ways to innovate, trying to find a new story or way of telling their story that hasn't been done. The great majority fail in this quest, but there are a select few that do manage to change things, or to open a new door.

Journey From The Fall is one such film, a film that tells a story that other filmmakers have not. It is also a gorgeous, meticulous and incredibly moving piece of art. These two things coupled means that this film will hopefully stake a place in the medium, and have a chance to reach a wide audience -- because this is a story that must be heard.

I, myself, am Caucasian, and do not have ancestors that had to bear an inhuman journey in some stagnant, oppressive hold of a boat, crammed in with other families in the faint hopes of escaping the aftermath of the Viet-Nam war. And yet, I was so, so moved by this film. Its ability to connect with the viewer transcends race and history. Knowing that you're watching a true story, knowing that these people and so very many others have gone through what these characters have, I promise, it will rip your heart out.

I think the biggest question we have about prospective movies is, 'why do I want to see this?' to which I'd answer that this is such a huge piece of history that we simply haven't heard a thing about. All those stories about American troops going off to the war, coming home, living with the ghosts of the VC, agent orange, the Khmer Rouge, rejection at home, etc etc... with all of that, we have no idea what happened in that country after we left. It's time to start finding out -- and this film is the first step.

This is truly an achievement of artistic and technical brilliance, and stands out in every category a film can. Bring your tissue, you won't soon forget this.

Reviewed by tacoz4sale 10 / 10

Tear dropping, emotion grabbing, powerful film!

I viewed this masterpiece on its premiere. To my surprise, EVERYBODY in the theater broke down because the movie is unmistakably powerful. Even for those who are of other ethnic backgrounds could feel the movie.

Its a beautiful movie about struggle, pain, love, and the conflicts of the war. When viewing this film, its impossible NOT to cry because the actors are GREAT.After the premiere, I have had a fortunate chance to meet LONG, (the main character) and this is his second film! It's unbelievable what the Vietnamese went through. I, being Vietnamese my self didn't have to read the subtitles (obviously) so warning to those who have not seen the movie, be ready for the subtitles.

For those who like war movies, this would be a little different due to that it shows the ugly side of war, and what one must do to cope with loss, separation, etc.

This is based on TRUE events, and is finally being told for the first time. I am truly glad this movie was made because it can be viewed by my family and friends for years to come. It'll be in my DVD collection when it comes out!

Reviewed by nan82 10 / 10

Poignant Film of Our Time

This amazingly poignant film is very much overdue. For over thirty years the film industry has put out the same films of the Vietnam War. Each one focusing on the American point of view. Each one forgetting to mention the Vietnamese people who were also affected.

I encourage everyone, of all backgrounds, to watch this movie. It's not only moving but cinematically beautiful. Through this movie, I was able to see my parents' journey to America brought to life. Their words were illustrated and their feelings conveyed through motion picture. While watching the movie, I couldn't help but feel fortunate to be alive in a country where I am free and fortunate that my parents made it through their journey. My parents and many like them, made an ultimate sacrifice, to leave behind their home, their loves, their family -in search of freedom and opportunity in America. Through the movie, I was reminded of a mother's ultimate undying love for her child, a father's unconditional love for his daughter, and the unbreakable bond of family, culture and tradition.

One of the character's mentioned that we can never forget our past…those words never struck truer. No matter what country I reside in, what culture I am raised in, what nation I chose to adopt as my own –I will never forget the sacrifices of my parents', the oppression and degradation of my grandparents and the loss of freedom of my ancestors. I am and forever will be a Vietnamese-American…and proud.

I hope with the release of this film, others will understand the struggle of the Vietnamese people after the war. American troops were not the only ones affected. Although their struggle and pain is undeniable, there were millions of people who were also affected -citizens of Viet Nam were killed, and their rights stripped of them and to this day, they still struggle.

I hope viewers understand the rage and angst Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans have buried deep within each of us. I also hope this film allows the older Vietnamese generation to have faith that the younger generation is proud and appreciative of our roots. We will not forget…we will continue the struggle towards freedom for our forefathers…for ourselves and we will always keep the memories alive.

Thanks to director Ham Tran for such a wonderful film. He is so young, yet incredibly talented. The risks and sacrifice he took for this movie somewhat resembles that of a hero in our community…which is quite a rare trait.

Please see this movie and learn from the don't need to be Vietnamese to see it, you just need to be human.

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