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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

great sense of time and place

In June 4, 1976 at a Sex Pistols show in Manchester, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook decide to form a group. Ian Curtis joins the band and drummer Stephen Morris answers their ad. They named their punk band Joy Division from its Nazi origins. Local TV personality Tony Wilson champions the group and DJ Rob Gretton starts managing the band.

The great thing about this documentary is the sense of time and place and the rundown depressing industrial city of Manchester. It has the cooperation of all the main people. It takes the band's progression chronologically. For fans of the band, this is a joy to relive the times. It's mostly about the music. Ian's wife Deborah gives some text inserts. She's the main missing part. She could have provided more personal insights into Ian's psyche. This one sees his struggles more from the outside and through his music. The bandmates are mostly clueless or maybe they're just willfully ignorant. It's compelling how they deal with the shock of it all.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 8 / 10

In the shadowplay acting out your own death knowing no more.

Joy Division, the mercurial Manchester based masters of dark post punk sounds, who in Ian Curtis had one of the eras most tortured souls.

Directed by Grant Gee and written by Jon Savage, this documentary actually brings nothing new to the table for hardened fans of the band, of which I am unashamedly amongst that number. There is a tendency with musical documentaries to be over praised by fans simply because, well, they just love to see their idols/heroes/inspirations up there on the screen. Grant Gee's film has strong merits as an introduction for those new to the band, for the curious and to those hypnotised by tunes so hauntingly poetic they can reduce you to tears, but again for those who have followed Joy Division and their subsequent brotherhood band, New Order, there is nothing to be learned here.

The absence of Deborah Curtis (Ian's widow) from the doc is annoying, where we are only given printed quotes from her. One can only guess that she refused to be sharing screen space with her love rival, and fellow tormentor of Ian Curtis' psyche, Annik Honoré, the latter of which who is more than happy to fuel the documentary fire. At times this feels like a copy of Anton Corbijn's superb film, Control, only with the real life band members and entourage commenting from the edges of the frame. But then there is of course the live excerpts of the band, which lifts this up to the high levels set by Control and Deborah Curtis' excellent book, Touching from a Distance.

In that, there is the crux, Joy Division the film is essential for fans, to see that performance of Shadowplay and etc etc, it's these moments that make us forgive the narrative, which quite frankly, is a bit of a cash cow cash in. And I really do say that with heavy heart. 8/10

Reviewed by grantss 10 / 10

One of the best rock documentaries ever made

Brilliant. One of the best rock documentaries ever made. Detailed yet fast paced. Very well researched, with no effort spared. Great insightful and honest interviews with the three remaining members - Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris - plus a host of other key figures, such as Tony Wilson. Rare footage of Joy Division gigs.

Emotional, despite being a documentary. The importance of Joy Division and Manchester in rock music history is made apparent, and the sadness and wastefulness of Ian Curtis' death sensitively emphasised.

Also worth watching: "24-Hour Party People", a biopic on the Manchester music scene of the 70s and 80s, as seen through the eyes of Tony Wilson, founder of Factory Records. Features the history of Joy Division, New Order and The Happy Mondays, amongst others. Superb movie. 10/10.

"Control", the story of Ian Curtis. Excellent. 9/10.

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