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Jessica Steen as Victoria Thorne
Corbin Bernsen as Mitch Kendrick
Mr. T as J.T. Quincy
Patrick Gallagher as Jake Goss
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Reviewed by scoobyg69 7 / 10

A very good film, BUT........

Being a huge fan of this incredible series of Last Day Films, AND of Cloud Ten Pictures, I was anxious to see the next installment, following up the action-packed, suspenseful, previous films. In comparison to parts 2 and 3, this movie seemed out of place. It did not have the expected suspense and action we have come to expect, and it seemed to fall just a little short as a court-room drama. But as a movie that stands alone, not to be compared, I can honestly say it was still a good film. The plot was interesting, and the characters were true to themselves. After being led to believe thet Helen Hannah died in the third film, I was confused when I saw the previews of this one, and she was the main charactor again. But after watching this one, the explanation of her being alive was very acceptable, and a pleasant suprize.

Leigh Lewis does an OUTSTANDING job as Helen, and we have grown to LOVE this character, and no one can replace the sinister face of Nick Mancuso as the antichrist. Corbin Bernsen reminded me of William Shatner, a tad TOO dramatic, but yet, acceptable in the role as Mitch, the reluctant lawyer. And I must say, I have always been an admirer of Mr.T, and knowing about his real life Christianity has caused me to respect him more, but his acting skills are weak. He has only mastered ONE style and that style is seen in every film he does. Watching him BARK out his lines without EVER changing his facial expressions, got a little old after the first few minutes. All in all, it was a very good film with a POWER-PACKED message. Cloud Ten Pictures have set the standard for Christian films, that none have been able to top. Hollywood WILL be feeling the effects. if this series continues with another sequel, I can only hope it returns to the same action and suspense we have come to expect from the 2nd and 3rd parts.

Thank you Cloud Ten, for still giving us quality films we can watch, and enjoy, and share with our friends. I remain faithful and loyal.

Reviewed by heckles 1 / 10

This is where '80s TV stars go to die

I rented this knowing it was going to Christian propaganda, and that it would offer some fun MST3k style. What I didn't know was just how jaw-droppingly crude and inept the writing would be.

Corbin Burnsen must have been way behind on house payments to agree to have done this movie. To go from a star of the highest rated show on TV ("L.A. Law") to this drek was a fall indeed. Even Mr. T seems to be slumming. Neither has to stretch, as the characters they have here are almost identical to Arnie Becker and B.A., respectively.

The courtroom procedure in this movie is sillier than in "Ally McBeal," and that's saying a lot. What is particularly amusing is the presentation of the One World Ruler. Whether it's books or films in this gender, he's pretty easy to spot - he's the only character whose name has a pronounced vowel at the end. But the people who take the stuff seriously must be slow on the uptake, so the producers also dress him in sinister suits, give him a decadent haircut, and give an office where he keeps a big picture of himself hanging behind the desk. He's really, *really* evil, get it? Ruling the world must leave one with more slack time than say, running your average restaurant, because he's on ready call to be a witness at the trial of the title.

Oh, there are prequels and sequels. Probably with other washed up actors, in addition to actors so obscure even they don't know their own names. I think I'll pass.

Reviewed by knutsenfam 7 / 10

Judge "Judgment' for yourself. Worth a look!

I liked this relatively low budget, but entertaining film.

Setting is the future time known (in the Bible) as "The Great Tribulation":

According to some Christian scholars (yes, there is disagreement on the details of the end time)...according to some, there will be approximately 7 years when a great, charismatic, peace making brilliant man unites all the world "One World Earth"!!! Peace and unity. No "nationism" All nations as One!!!

Just one tiny problem.

The charming charismatic world leader, who actually brought peace (temporarily) to Israel and has seemed to stop all wars, is basically Satan or a total tool of Satan.

Think of a larger than life Hitler or Stalin. This charismatic world leader (here named Franco Maccalouso) has previously mandated (on pain of death) that all must bear some kind of identifying mark on their hand or forehead. No one can buy or sell without it either. And he wants to encourage his people to turn in any known Christians (which he calls "haters") so he can kill them.

Thus, he sets up a televised scripted trial of a prominent world-famous "hater" former broadcaster and news person Helen Hannah, to incite the world against those who choose Jesus over him. (Here, imagine the show trials and/or faked signed confessions Hitler or Stalin extracted from some of their high profile victims...)

Enter Corbin Bernsen playing the disturbed and depressed lawyer forced by bitter former lover Jessica Steen to act as Helen's defense attorney. Yes, there's a bit of LA Law here.

The best scenes in the movie take place in this surreal round courtroom, where judge and audience are elevated on platforms maybe 15 feet high above the lawyers and defendant.

If you like courtroom dramas, this is a reasonably good movie for you to watch, whatever your beliefs (or anti-beliefs). Bernsen's courtroom sparring with Steen, and with witnesses, is quite good. And my young son likes Mr. T. the tough "hater" activist in the subplot...

PS If you are a lawyer, watch for an amazing reference to the founder of the Harvard Law School, Simon Greenleaf, a world renowned expert on evidence.

This isn't the Da Vinci Code with its bad scholarship. This reference will stand. Be sure to check the reference for yourself!!!

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