Jungle Holocaust

1977 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Horror

IMDb Rating 6 10 3320

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CannibalThing 7 / 10

An adventure in the jungle.

Jungle Holocaust opens with some beautiful shots of a small aircraft flying over a seemingly endless jungle. The four people on the plane are going to the middle of said jungle to check up on a mining crew one of them sent out there. When they get there the camp is of course empty, and all that they find of the inhabitants is a heavily decomposed head. They end up having to stay the night in the plane because the pilot, understandably, will not fly over the jungle in the dark. At this point their situation goes from bad to worse as they have to deal with getting separated, a tribe of natives who just happen to be cannibals, being lost, and being far out of their element.

The movie centers around Robert Harper (Mossimo Foschi) and his ordeals with the cannibals and the jungle in his struggle to get home. The character development is a highlight as the events take their toll on Robert's psyche. He becomes more savage, animal like, and at times it seems, insane. Actor Mossimo Foschi does a very good job portraying all of this, by the way. Actress Me Me Lai is never clothed, a plus in my book, and performs well, though her obviously fake breasts do detract from the believability as she is supposed to be playing a native.

There isn't much gore but some of what there is can get a bit strong. Some will find a scene with a crocodile particularly hard to watch.

Overall Jungle Holocaust is one of the best of the Italian Cannibal genre and is oddly uplifting for this kind of film. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Casey-52 10 / 10

Brilliant Italian cannibal film that offers so much more than guts and grue

Director Ruggero Deodato carried on the tradition of the Italian cannibal subgenre by contributing arguably the best entries in the genre, JUNGLE HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. While CANNIBAL dealt with a very human threat in a cannibal tribe, JUNGLE is almost a more grueling film in that the villain of the film is the setting itself, the jungle surrounding the adventure.

A professor crash-lands in the jungles of the Phillippines and is captured by a tribe of stone age men, who torture him and hold him captive to use as bait for food. He manages to entice a young tribal girl to help him escape. Deodato creates a tense, grimy look at mankind. His cinematography is constantly fluid, never stopping for a second, in endless trucks, dollies, zooms, arcs, and cranes. Amazing visuals! The musical score is excellent, as well, but I still liked CANNIBAL's better. Lead actor Massimo Foschi is unbelievably good as the professor who undergoes mental and physical torture while kept in a cave. He witnesses the horrific punishments of the tribal people, including ants eating a man's arm clean off.

Deodato makes the jungle the real villain in the story. The jungle is filled with harsh conditions and jungle noise that adds to the atmosphere and injects suspense and tension into otherwise normal scenes. The jungle becomes a character and what a character it is. It requires the professor to revert to his primal instincts and abandon all civilized thought, making a harsh comment on human nature in the process. Me Me Lai is excellent as the native girl who helps Foschi escape and Ivan Rassimov appears too briefly, but is good anyway. This film is no picnic in the park, it's a bitch. By the end of the film, the viewer feels like they have been to Hell and back along with the protagonist. But that's what makes this film work so well. To many viewers' chagrin, Deodato, as he would later demonstrate in CANNIBAL, shows too much real-life animal mutilation.An alligator is torn apart while still alive, a snake eats a mouse, and other horrific scenes. It adds to the realism factor, but then again, that is broken anyway by Me Me Lai's breast implants!

JUNGLE HOLOCAUST is obviously not for everyone, but I can't recommend it enough. It is long out of print, but Grindhouse Releasing should consider re-releasing it. After taking on CANNIBAL FEROX and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, why not close the infamous "Cannibal Trilogy" with a remastered letterboxed DVD of JUNGLE HOLOCAUST?

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Bunch of SAVAGES !!!

A four-headed team clumsily ends up stuck in a jungle. Pretty soon, two of them die (rather clumsy again) while savage aborigines are chasing the other two males. The duo depletes one last time when one of them disappears during a wild-river flow …does it have to be said…clumsy! The supposedly last cannibal tribe on earth imprisons the one man left, named Robert. They don't start cooking him just yet, but fool around with him a little, first. He escapes and takes a local girl with him, who serves the role of beautiful hostage. However, the journey through the undiscovered jungle is hard, long and full of surprises.

Ruggero Deodato's general rehearsal before unleashing the notorious `Cannibal Holocaust' upon the world is an explicit horror film, but not as shocking or repulsive as its successor. This film merely serves as an old-fashioned adventure-movie, there were Cannibal Holocaust is a severely shocking ethical portrait. If you ignore all the illogicalness of this film, you'll have yourself a good time. That's a fact. It's a rough and straight-to-the-point horror production with more than enough footage to keep you entertained…although a lot depends on your definition of entertainment, of course. Italian horror standards stand throughout the whole film: gore, sleaze and cruelty! Since so many things are happening during the first 20 minutes of `Jungle Holocaust', the film tends to get tedious after a while…or so you would think! Surprisingly enough, there still are more than enough adrenalin-filled sequences that keep you alert and – and this really is positive in my book – Deodato gives an excellent portrayal of how someone is unintentionally driven into complete madness and a total loss of realism. Jungle Holocaust contains quite a lot of animal cruelty, which can be regarded as offensive by Italian horror-haters. The crocodile-dissection easily equals the vicious tortoise slaughtering in `Cannibal Holocaust'. The cannibals themselves are some of the wickedest I ever saw and they seem to follow some bizarre rituals, too. They show an unusual interest for male nudity and they don't seem to worry too much about controversial handlings such as murdering an infant (pretty disturbing sequence that was). They do bring forward beautiful women, as Me Me Lai is the sexiest native girl I ever saw. Jungle Holocaust is essential viewing for Italian horror/sleaze fans. Not as memorable as `Holocaust' or `Ferox'…but certainly worth your time.

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