Jurassic World


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Chris Pratt as Owen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zkonedog 3 / 10

Definitive Proof That This Is A One-Story Franchise

"Jurassic World" was guaranteed to turn a large profit no matter if it was "good" or "bad". The franchise is quite popular and it just has that "summer blockbuster" feel to it. Sadly, I wish that the film's creators would have attempted to make the plot of the film even decent, or create characters that aren't wooden caricatures.

For a basic plot summary, "Jurassic World" sees the vision of Mr. Hammond finally complete...a fully-functional dinosaur amusement park. Of course, in today's "bigger and better" society, it isn't good enough just to reproduce classic dinosaurs. Now, new dinos (one bigger than T-Rex and another that can swallow a shark in a single gulp, among others) are being genetically spliced and created in a lab. The park is run by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), a profit-driven corporate executive type who doesn't even have time for her two nephews (played by Nick Robinson & Ty Simpkins) when they visit the park. Dinosaur caretaker Owen (Chris Pratt), on the other hand, is fully aware of what these dangerous animals can do if not reckoned with. A military sub-plot simmers in the background of the story. The new "big boy" dinosaur gets loose, and from there it is what one would expect from this type of film.

This movie features an ethical debate about genetic manipulation, two annoying kids who are the definition of stupidity, a lot of rampaging dinosaurs, and and vision to build the most ill-advised theme park in human history. If this sounds at all familiar to you, it is probably because you've seen the original "Jurassic Park". I honestly don't know if I've ever seen a sequel (which does not market itself as a remake) that is so unabashedly similar to its predecessor(s).

I think the problem with this franchise is simple: It had one great story to tell, and Steven Spielberg did just that in "Jurassic Park". All the sequels have failed to capture nearly a glimmer of that magic, because the novelty has worn off and there aren't good stories to tell. At least "Lost World" & "III" try to bring something original to the screen. "World" doesn't even go that far, instead settling for a few new dinosaurs and riding on the name of the franchise. The plots are incredible dumb/predictable and the characters are more of the same.

The only reason I won't give this movie a "bottom of the barrel" 1-star review is because there are a few exciting scenes (the opening 20-30 minutes shows promise before quickly descending into predictability and repetition) and it is a "slick" experience from beginning to end. Even though you know that what you are watching isn't great, there is so much going on and so much action that you can never just mentally "check out". In that sense, this really is the textbook "brainless summer blockbuster".

Even though I came into this viewing experience with mediocre expectations, I was disappointed that "Jurassic World" didn't even live up to that standard. If you've been hiding under a rock since 1993 and haven't seen any of the other "Jurassic" films, you will love this one! For those who like a little bit of plot and a few interesting characters with their whiz-bang dinosaur action, however, it will be clear to you that this franchise can no longer deliver either of those two things.

Reviewed by genebathurst 4 / 10

The franchise has had a lobotomy

Dinosaurs. Amusement Park. Tourists. Disaster.

Jurassic World has them all.

Naturally, I had to see it.

The beginning holds much promise, and it gets your hopes up for the disaster to come. When it does, there are some great action sequences, especially ones with the glass ball containing the soft, chewy child centre.

Unfortunately the final act unravels into outright farce.

Chris Pratt is great as the affable yet bad-ass Raptor Whisperer. He's got an easy going charisma that could easily carry an iconic character like Indiana Jones.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, the uptight park manager, who initially clashes with the laid back Owen. Of course you know where the tension goes.

The film tries to flesh out Claire's character by throwing in her two nephews (someone and another kid), who do double duty as McGuffins.

Vincent D'Onofrio shows up as Hoskins, a villainous representative of the military-industrial complex angling to weaponize velociraptors. He's all sneers and scenery chewing, so obviously evil he's got a goatee. D'Onofrio does it well but the evil plan he's been saddled with by the writers makes no sense at all.

The director, Colin Trevorrow, said in interviews that he wanted the dinosaurs to act like real animals, not cartoon monsters. Quelle surprise! I had no idea, as he has well-fed winged dinos (or near enough to dinos) go on a crazed orgy of violence against hapless tourists. Why? Because cool action sequence!

One poor soul is even treated to the most outlandishly elongated death sequence I've ever seen, all to no end. It didn't justify anything, paid nothing back, offered no comeuppance. It was just gleeful indulgence in sadistic torture of a minor character. It was an Itchy & Scratchy moment.

Which brings us to the final act: turn off your brain before it begins.

The first movie proved you could have a smart script and dinosaurs in the same movie. After that, the IQ of the series dropped with each outing. The first one had chaos theory and amber and DNA extraction and cleverness up the whazoo. It was AWESOME.

What does this one have? Hackneyed evil plans, a clunky plot, and characters so smart they run from T-Rex's in high heels.

The franchise has had a lobotomy.

Reviewed by vulneri 2 / 10

There is a plus...

... and it's dinosaurs. Absolutely everything else is a big pile of crap (might be dinosaurs'). So full of clichés, you exactly know, who is going to die or who will live just a few minutes after knowing the character. So many absurd decisions, so many stupid but predictable actions. So much staring on danger in spite of running out. So many substantive errors for anyone who has primary science knowledge. And last but not least running many hours in the jungle on heels without absolutely any problems. Unfortunately dinosaurs haven't eaten everyone so it's going to be another idiotic movie.

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