Just 6.5

2019 [PERSIAN]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 8 10 14376

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maya-94190 9 / 10

Social injustice - Poverty Drugs love Loyalty

This movie portrays a typical life of many which is hidden from public views. It is not easy to make a movie like this in Iran in general.

Peyman Moaadi 's character is a dedicated and loyal officer who is endangering his personal life to drag down a drug dealer. It feels like Mr. Roustaee has lived the life of a drug dealer, drug addict, and a narcotic officer.

The movie tries to show the grey area of the Moaadi s peer, playing games. The act of a faithful and lucky friend with the cell phone in the jail, who had instant connection with Naser; was strange. The barn attack was rushed not well developed. Not sure what was the reason that all the prisoners let out of the cells and were banging the fence/bars and creating chaos? Was it a set up for a scape or what? Some scenes were too long and could be easily slashed down.

In this movie the strong act by Peyman Moaadi stands out. It is also touching the sad and dark life of a drug dealers,addicts, and narcotic officers. This movie stays in mind for a while and does not end by just leaving the movie theater. The legal process is almost the same and jail is real - not a set up.

Reviewed by alihmy 10 / 10

So many nuances, so much atmosphere

The movie "6.5 Toman Per Meter" would create a fascinating 2 hours and 11 minutes of your life. This movie is filled with amazing actors, gorgeous story telling scenes and impressive dialogues which truly held the audience's attention and kept them on the edge of their seats. Considering myself as regular audience who could clearly witness the social structure and situation of Iran, this movie could perfectly fuse and demonstrate tiny little pieces of everyday struggle of underrepresented people (specifically population of addicts) in a strong and well organized storyline. Again, I'm saying "amazing actors" and "well-played" because the screen chemistry was fabulous and the roles were perfectly complementary to each other. Saeed Roustayi was successfully able to portray different complication and social aspects of drug related matters such as betrayal, corruption, disorder and crisis under a light that could connect with the audience on a personal level. I strongly recommend you guys to watch this movie and witness how Payman Maadi and Navid Mohammadzadeh carry you up and down over the dynamic of this great story.

Reviewed by jasminbgz 10 / 10

Shockingly good !!

This movie was good !! I saw this movie for 7 times and Omg... I'm still in shock ! I think everybody should see this 'cuz it deserves it ! Peyman moadi's acting was so real Iran's cinema deserves THE MORE

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