Just a Gigolo

1978 [GERMAN]


IMDb Rating 5.6 10 850

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Günter Meisner as Betrunkener arbeiter
Curd Jürgens as Prince
Marlene Dietrich as Baroness von Semering
David Hemmings as Captain Hermann Kraft
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AbuAhzan 7 / 10

Offbeat, parallel-universe look at Weimar poised between romanticism and despair

This is one of the most unusual films I have ever seen. It's an offbeat, sensitively filmed look at Weimar Germany in a sort of parallel-universe version. "Cabaret" it is not! If you ever get a chance to see it, I don't want to spoil the ending for you . . . but when you see it, you'll say to yourself, "Of course! Why didn't I foresee that coming?!?" David Bowie plays a sort of innocent ne'er-do-well discharged from the German army after World War I and drifting through existence; he can't find anything to do with himself except hire himself out as a "gigolo" for rich, proto-Eurotrash war widows in ballrooms where they "dance to forget". Bowie's father is a once-domineering tyrant who has been silenced by a stroke. Bowie tries to break the news to him that he has descended so far as to play the gigolo, a betrayal of his father's macho ideals, but Dad only sits in stony silence -- a disturbing scene. Bowie plays a poor lost soul. As Western civilization decays all around him, a sinister character stalks him and tries to gain control over him; this bloke is vaguely homosexual (only suggested), and one of his lines is a real groaner of a double-entendre: "We will have you in the end!" Marlene Dietrich is the center of romantic gravity in this story; she sadly, sweetly tells Bowie the raison d'etre of forlorn women dancing with gigolos in the ballrooms -- the only way to assuage loss and stave off despair. Then she performs the song "Just a Gigolo", bringing out all the heartbreak from its depths. The end of the film is dark and truly chilling. Go see it if you can!

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 6 / 10

Just an OK movie...

By no means awful, but it is pretty tiresome. JUST A GIGOLO features David Bowie as a WWI vet who returns home to find that he really has no skills and no prospects...thus his turn to the titled profession. Bowie is pretty good, if a bit too subdued, while the supporting cast, including Sydne Rome, Kim Novak and Maria Schell act, act, act! They're fun to watch, just out of step with Bowie. Directed by actor David Hemmings, the film has a bleached out, depressing look to it and yet, a lot of humor gets through, particularly whenever Rome, as a zonked out would be movie starlet, is on screen. Marlene Dietrich pops up for a brief moment, and despite her advanced age, looks pretty good. It's slow going, but after a dull first hour, it manages to entertain.

Reviewed by keshby3636 8 / 10

Very interesting and odd movie

I saw this movie when I was 19 at a theater in Seattle. I actually stole the movie poster out of the wall display as they did not have it locked down and it was too good of an opportunity for the more adventurous girl I was back then. I no longer have the poster( I tossed it after a while as it was damaged from too many moves). I still have 2 soundtracks from it that I bought at the time(thank God). One I've left sealed because, yeah I'm one of those types. Anyways, I loved the movie. It had a great cast(I was a HUGE Bowie fan, still am). I've always liked the director David Hemmings. Such a hottie when he was a young actor. Charming soundtrack by the way. It's definitely worth seeing. Storyline roughly is down on his luck soldier who becomes a gigolo but is a little too sensitive for his new career and the politics of the time. Wish I had a copy of the movie....

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